Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Obviously a very pleased group after tonight's win. It's good to get a positive result after a week of hard work, and when you stay focused and committed for 90 minutes good things can happen. Check out for highlights, quotes, behind-the-scenes footage and audio podcasts from tonight's 1-0 victory against Switzerland. The U.S. moved to 11-5-1 for 2007 and is batting .500 in Europe this year after posting its sixth shutout. We hope you enjoyed the coverage this past week, and hope you join us next month when the MNT makes its first-ever trip to South Africa for the Nelson Mandela Challenge Cup. Auf Wiedersehen!


Tiago Guerreiro said...

I'm very happy!! :D
USA the Best héhé ^^
lol ..
I hope You give my email address for Freddy ADU!!
Thank You very much!
Goodbye USA TEAM!!

Henry said...

Finally a win, even so it was against at team not known as a super or even medium power team.
Now against another inferior team South Africa. What is it with US Soccer, when are they going to learn that playing against inferior teams, even worth than ours, is teaching them anything. Let get rid of playing college level soccer. And start playing against team like Argentina, Spain, Germany, England, Nigeria, Ghana, Italy, Portugal, Paraguay, and so on.

Matthew said...

henry, your a fool. Switzerland is a quality team who made the 2006 World Cup and should fare well in Euro. They were missing Alexander Frei who is probably their best player, but to cast them aside as meaningless is foolish. Also, the reason for going to play in South Africa should be obvious in itself. The World Cup will be there so Bradley is just trying to get all the players accustomed to playing in a place where U.S. soccer has never been before. Italy, who I think you established as a super power, just got done playing a friendly there also.

Hugo Cardoso said...

Congratulations!!!It's very nice this victory against Switzerland!!And the players of USA are very nice and cool.

Come back to Yverdon Please;)!!!

Brad said...

I am happy they won in a sloppy game. I still think Johnson needs to be added up front with Adu or Altidore. I like Dempsey as an attacking halfback along with Donovan. The team is getting better the pool of players which has always been there is getting better. Bradley keep searching they are out there stop bringing Twellman and Ching they just aren't in the top five forwards. And I agree with most comments lets start playing france or Holland or some super powers. That will improve the team. Keep on playing in England boys we are improving.

Henry said...

Mat, being ranked 42nd and 73rd in the FIFA World Soccer ranking does not make you a powerhouse.