Saturday, October 13, 2007


The local kids have taken a liking to the team, and showed up this morning at the hotel to get autographs as we loaded up the bus for training. Lots of smiles, photos, and even a hug or two, and off they went on their bikes. When the team arrived at the stadium ten minutes later for training - which is some five kilometers away - there were more kids waiting for the guys. But were they different kids? Negative. The little speedsters somehow managed to beat the bus!

OK, so it's not the riddle of the Sphinx or anything, but the players were pretty impressed ...


Rosie said...

maybe they got a different ride? ;]

Tiago Guerreiro said...

OOOh It's nice!! :D
It's me with my friends!!
Thank you very much for the article.
I like the USA and like The USA NATIONAL TEAM .
Good Luck!
I see you tomorrow ^^
( Freddy ADU you are the best! :D ) ;)