Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Once again, our audience has performed famously on a question that presented a serious challenge. Why? Let's review:

The question: When was the last time two players from the state of Maryland were in camp at the same time?

Many of you named pairs of Marylanders that had been in at the same time (Quaranta and Adu in January of 2006, for example), and some got the correct combination of Oguchi Onyewu and Kyle Beckerman. So why was it tricky? There were only camp together for one day. For the double fixture date of March 25-28 earlier this year, the U.S. first played Ecuador in Tampa and Guatemala three days later in Frisco, Texas. U.S. coach Bob Bradley decided to use many of the European-based players for the first game, than let many head back home after Ecuador and added a few MLS'ers to the list for the Guatemala game. So when the initial roster came out, Gooch was on it and Kyle was not. Beckerman only came to Tampa the day before, and was not even listed on the game-day roster for the Ecuador game. Gooch left after the 3-0 win, Beckerman flew to Frisco, and their names never appeared on the same team sheet for those games.

So congrats to the correct respondents. You definitely did your homework.

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