Wednesday, October 10, 2007


There has been a steady flow of players arriving into camp throughout the day, although several guys got stuck in traffic after two trucks collided on the highway leading out of the airport in Geneva. A 45-minute ride turned into a 90-plus minute nightmare - loads of fun after flying overnight. Chris Seitz and Robbie Findley got the early bird award, reaching the hotel just after 8 a.m. this morning. We found them wandering the streets this afternoon, They managed to find a convenience store that took credit cards, and came back with some less-than-healthy snacks, but considering how hungry we were - and as you read, no restaurants open - we certainly understood. Most of the group filtered into the meal room as soon as they got to the hotel, so forks were being put down for handshakes and hugs throughout dinner. Dan Califf, Tally Hall and Steve Purdy rolled in around 9:30 p.m with the room empty save for the coaches, who were engaged in their typical deep discussion. We'll help you get to know Tally and Steve later this week, but here's the initial impression: those are some tall dudes.

It's getting late here, but there is still activity in the training room. DaMarcus Beasley and Steve Cherundolo are getting a little work done, and Jay DeMerit is sampling the chocolate chip cookies that somehow got left on the table in here. Things are winding down, so we're calling it quits for day one.

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mamacita chilena said...

how weird that the restaurants close down in the afternoon...I thought that was only in South America where that happens...