Thursday, October 11, 2007


We'll start the week with an easy one:

Only one guy here has spent time playing for a Swiss club. Name him, the club, and when he played.

The average time for someone to post the correct answer to trivia questions on the blog has been about 8.2 minutes, so the clock is ticking.


Amy said...

Trying to be sly on the first one out?

I'm going to say Piotr "Peter" Nowak, BSC Young Boys, July 1992-June 1993.

Dan said...

Agoos. 94-ish. Canot remember club.

David said...

Frankie Hejduk played for St. Gallen around 2003-2004.

trafford1158 said...

My answer is Frankie Hejduk with St Gallen.

trafford1158 said...

I forgot to add that Frankie Hejduk played for FC St Gallen during 2002-2003, making only 7 appearances for the club.

David said...

Actually, my timing was off ... Frankie played at St. Gallen from 2002-2003. I went to his game agains Luzern with I lived in Zug.

I called to Frankie when he came out of the tunnel at halftime to wish him well and chat for a minute but he didn't turn around. One of his teammates looked at me and shrugged his shoulders ... I guess Hejduk thought I was going to heckle him. :-)