Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Helpful hints for tourists traveling to this part of the country:

1) There is no snacking between meals: Well, you can, but not in a restaurant. Lunch is served until 2 p.m., then they shut down until 5 p.m. No such thing as the 24-hour diner (which by the way, we think is a good thing).

2) Bring your Visa card, but an ATM card too: Unlike almost anywhere in the U.S., credit cards are not as ubiquitous in these parts. The lady at the bakery counter vigorously shaking her head at goalkeeper coach Tim Mulqueen holding up his Visa was indication enough.

3) Switzerland has four official languages, but English isn't one of them: While many people in the large cities speak fluent English, they are few and far between here. One can, however, converse in French, German, Italian, or Romansh. And if you can speak Romansh, you're in another class.

4) Locker rooms and saunas are co-ed and clothing optional: That one speaks for itself.

All in all, seems a very cool (and quiet) town. Like any good tourist, we'll post some photos when we have them.

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rks said...

Good to know about the food situation. See you fellas in a few days. You'll have at least 6 of us drinking beer and yelling for you.