Friday, October 12, 2007


Random as in we got in the elevator together and decided to do an impromptu sit down. If there's anybody who can handle being put on the spot, it's Dan. What were the odds that Aalborg would beat Sampdoria and advance to the UEFA Cup Group Stage?

Dan: "It was long shot. I would have said that if you bet on us, you would have made a lot of money." How big a victory was that for the club?

Dan: "It's huge for the club, and huge for the city. It's really got everybody excited about the team. It's the first time we have qualified into the group stage of a European competition all on our own. In 1995, we were put into the Champions League after Dynamo Kiev got booted for trying to bribe a referee." Big party?

Dan: "Everybody had a good time. The whole town was out celebrating, but there wasn't really anything formal. I think people were still kind of shocked." You are pretty well known for your tattoos. Any new ones?

Dan: "Not yet. I'm working on it. That is to say, working on my wife letting me get one. I'm chipping away at her." You and your wife started a book club amongst your friends. What brought that about?

Dan: "Yeah, it's more like a reading list. Erin got the idea from someone who used to be friends with her boss. Because I read a lot on the road and people are always asking for recommendations, my wife suggested that I review the ones that I have read. She really got into reading in the last year, so she contributed quite a bit for the last issue." What book do you have on the night stand here in Switzerland?

Dan: "A book by W.E.B. Griffin called By Order of the President. I try to alternate between a book that you have to think about it a little bit more, or something that I can learn from, with a page-turner. I just read The Measure of a Man by Sidney Poitier. I thought it was tremendous. Now it's time for the page turner." If someone was moving to Denmark, what advice would you give them?

Dan: "Bring some warm jackets, and be ready for the wind. It seems like it's always windy." We see the hair is jet black at the moment. How many different colors have you been through?

Dan: "At least 15 different colors. A lot of those multiple times. It's just something different. You get tired of seeing the same thing in the mirror all the time, and your hair is something that you can switch up pretty easily, experiment with, and have fun with it. And if you don't like it, you can just shave it right off. I've only met one hair color that I really didn't like." You get asked questions by reporters all the time. Any you'd like to ask back?

Dan: "I would ask why they always seem to ask the same questions. I get the same question seven different ways. If I were doing it, I would ask questions that make people think. If you can do that, than it's a worthwhile question." Who is the funniest guy on the team?

Dan: "Depends on who you ask, but for me Steve Cherundolo is one of the funniest. Not because he says funny things all the time. But he has great timing, and sometimes he says the things that everyone else is thinking. He's also good at the low brow humor, which is always good with a bunch of guys." We've been listening to all kinds of random music since we got in here. What would you put in next?

Dan: "A little rock and roll. Something classic. Maybe The Police. I just read about their concert tour, so I have Police in the head. Some Clapton might be nice, too." What interests you in soccer right now?

Dan: "More than anything, I've been intrigued the parity throughout Europe, and the world really. More and more, teams and leagues are bringing the level up. The level of what you would consider the middle of the road teams or leagues is very good. Even if they aren't teams that you have ever heard of, there are quite a few Aalborgs out there that are quality teams. It's exciting."

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