Friday, October 12, 2007


Afternoon, folks. Lot's of catching up to do since it's been quite the busy day here as you'll see later on the website. Much nicer day for training today, and with Carlos and Clint ready for action it was 21 guys on the field. After a warmup, the team played a 'four corners' game. Using one half of the field, the coaches set up four 'goals' in each corner by creating a box out of cones. In order to score, you have to possess the ball inside a box. It's a good exercise for working on transitions, changing the point of attack, and positioning as a group. The play was much sharper as the guys had the first day of training and nerves under their belt. Next they pulled one big goal up to the 18 and played 8 v. 8 with two neutrals, who in this game were Beasley and Zizzo. That's a lot of speed to having running at you when you're numbers down! The session finished with a shooting exercise for some, fitness for others and a game of horseshoes that Jay DeMerit would like to forget. There was a reporter from the local paper out covering; ironically, he didn't speak any English but his Spanish was excellent. That left the interview duties to Carlos Bocanegra, who unfortunately doesn't get the chance to habla espanol that much in England. Let's just say they got through it. Speaking of Carlos, time to meet up with el capitan for our next all_access feature.

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Rosie said...

hehe Carlos knows Spanish?
I remember whenever he was featured on Primer Impacto's "Que Sexy" during the World cup && he hardly spoke. Juss showed off those CUTE dimples. lol