Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Anatomy of a 2-0: Part 5 Live

What an amazing night at Columbus Crew Stadium, where the U.S. continues to maintain dominance over Mexico. Despite threatening skies and an occasional downpour, there were perfect conditions for yet another 2-0 victory.

We'll have plenty of stories, quotes, and video, but for now we want your contributions. Send us your best photos and anecdotes from inside the stadium or wherever in the world you watched tonight's thrilling performance by the United States.

Si se puede!


Andrew said...

While I was grabbing a bite to eat at Wendy's just after the game one of the cashiers asked a young Mexico fan who was ahead of me in line how the game went. The fan hung his head and said: "Siempre lo mismo."

Vincel said...

The back four were inpenetrable.
Frankie Hajuk had the game of his international career , both offensively and defensively.He was constantly in the action and played error free.
Bradly ,of course was the MVP , with his two goals. He also,led the midfield defense ,which was impeccable.They totally shutout , ,who I think ,is a great upcoming player for Mexico, Castillo.
Ching was serviceable, but will not be in the line up in South Africa.
Beasly, along with Frankie , were the first half spark plugs.
Other than the nifty header that resulted in the first goal, Donovan was not much of a factor.We should be reminded that the first goal resulted from the great hustle from Frankie which gave us the corner that became the all importany first goal.
Sasha, probably played his worst game as an international.He was not his usual fluid self in being the playmaker we have gotten use to.
Over all, the team was organized throughout the match and deserved the win.

Jeff said...

Just want to say congratulations to the team and a big THANK YOU! It was awesome! Looking forward to an exciting year of USMNT soccer!

shannon said...

when mikey scored i get texts from tons of ppl, everybody knows i love him :) o what a night, i know it got a good showing at USF so please come back to tampa!!!!!

vikramb said...

I was watching the game from a computer lab on campus, trying to be quiet in the corner. When that first goal went in, I'm quite sure I was screaming as I jumped out of my chair. I also forgot that i had headphones on, so all in all I made quite a racket and got quite a few curious looks.

Fantastic game for Bradley.

AdamTheRed said...

So i accidentally got on the team bus when I was trying to grab a cab......whoops!

Nellie said...

Great team win. Everybody played their part and contributed to the win. Sorry, Vince! but Donovan was a factor in that game. Helped set up both goals, would have set up a third had Oswaldo not made a super save on Clint Dempsey's shot. He helped the team maintain possession and work the ball and totally dominate Mexico. He "factored" in just as much as everyone else. Lay off the unreasonable expectations.

nick.carraway said...

I was lucky enough to be in the front row behind the US second half goal...right next to Sams Army. It was polite between the US and Mexican fans. I even felt sorry for the Mexican fan in only a jersey who was shaking so bad that he almost dropped his camera a few times.

I'd put the experience in the top couple of live events that I've been to. The spirit of the bionic Hejduk fired up us all.

Historicus said...

I couldn't travel to Columbus this time; I had to watch the game from home in Texas, but it was still awesome!

The pets in the house don't trust me anymore, as I started jumping up and down screaming in euphoria when Bradley scored the 1st.

Way to go, USA!

Krill said...

MNT...muchisimas gracias por un gran gano!

What class to keep your composure, even after so many dirty plays, like Marquez...dirty,dirty,dirty...we all recall almost the exact same play on Cobi Jones back in 2002...pure frustration, pure lack of self control...and this guy's a professional? Please. Great win! Way to be physical and dominate in the air. you feeling after getting clobbered from behind just before Bradley put his second in the back of the next? Oswaldo...sweet revenge for that hideous cheap shot after Donovan schooled you a few years back in yet another 2-0 victory for the USA. Keep humbling Mexico...they still haven't figured it out down here that the USA MNT is for real...all the talk is about how Sven needs to go, how the refereeing was terrible, etc...nothing about the fact they their team lost to a quality side.

Go USA! 1 down, 9 to go!

robo55 said...

The key to the game was the ability to break down the Mexican's attack in the midfield. each shoot of the screen had a bunch of congestion in the path to the goal. The need of the US now is to find forwards that put the ball a little bit closer to net. Limit the choice now.

Stephen said...

I participated in calming down a fight up in section 229! it seemed more related to a dispute over beer than to the game though.

Also, did anyone get out of the stadium with a dry "Don't tread on me" card?

Anonymous said...

Loved the atmosphere of the game. Hated the long walk back to the car and almost getting blown away. A lot of Mexican fans were seat jumping though and that got on my nerves. We had two mexican fans standing on our seats the whole time while we were standing on the ground in front of our seats. Thought it was weird but didn't say anything. thought Landon had a great game and definitely was a factor. Sacha was off a little bit. Frankie definitely played well and Tim Howard made some great saves. Awesome to see Michael Bradley put in a couple of great goals. Overall a great game and loved being a part of it.

Carol =) said...

thanks for an awesome game.
bradley was phenomenal!
frankie was great. Tim! love that guy. He's such a talented goalie.
what happened with gooch? he didnt really play that well, but he still rocks. =D
guess them mexican voodoo dolls didn't work after all, lol.

wooo USA all the way!!

toros said...

Frankie H had a hell of a night problably his best in the national team,to me he was the MVP.please some body explain to me why didn't torres play in this game, i am pretty sure that he knows the skills of every single mexican players that was playing last night. once again donovan is the man

Bone Daddy Sammer said...

Wow! What a day. While we were waiting for the shuttle bus from the pub to the game. We went to Kroger's to look for rain ponchos. A lady was there looking at the ponchos with us. She was talking about the game and was fired up about it. After making our purchases one of us was talking to another lady outside the store. She was Frankie Hejduk's aunt. She was waiting for Frankie's mom to come out. Sure it enough Frankie's mom was the same lady we were speaking to earlier in the store. I must say, I can see were Frankie's passion comes from.

The shuttle bus ride to the stadium was wild. The wind and rain made the trip in question. It seemed an ark would of been needed to complete the journey. Once we docked went straight into the stadium before the next blast of weather came through our worn ponchos. The Sam's Army section was the best I have been in. The OSU drum line was a nice touch.

The game was as advertised. The long trip, bad weather and lack of sleep was forgotten. We would do all again, if asked.

To the people of Columbus, job well done. To Amanda, Nate, Marsha, Wendy and rest of the crew at Claddagh Irish Pub. You have my vote for U.S. Soccer Bar of the Year.

comeonFULHAM said...

Man that was a fantastic game. I just love beating Mexico so much.

I must say that Ching did a poor job up top. He just doesn't have what it takes. I think Altidore is the man for the job. He has the ability to make something happen up there.

I also love Hejduk at the right. He adds a spark that we often miss during big games. He really excited the team at important times, and he contributes on both sides of the field.

Beasley was questionable before this game for me, but he's back baby! Taking long shots, making great runs down the line, and varying his play are just a few examples of what playing in Europe brings to American soccer. He did a great job, and paired with Dempsey's creativity and versatility in playing on the left, our midfield was strong.

All in all, bravo bravo!