Friday, February 6, 2009

Closing Camp in Cali

After nearly one month in Carson, more than 50 training sessions of both field and gym work, a Sacha Kljestan hat trick, and endless hotel meals, cold tubs, and van rides, the team completed their final workout this morning at the HDC. The group departs Saturday morning for Columbus, where the bright lights that shine on any U.S.-Mexico match will come into full focus.

The players and staff are extremely grateful for the efforts of countless physical trainers, security guards, hotel employees, and all of the U.S. Soccer staff based at The Home Depot Center led by Jen Atler for making this a fluid and productive month for the national team. 99% of the people only see what happens for 90 minutes in between the lines, but it cannot and does not happen without the tireless work of so many. And we're sorry that we left you with rain on our last day!


Ben said...

So when will we know which guys leave for Columbus and when will we know who from Europe is taking their place. I'm really eager to see what team we are going to put out there, especially on the back line.

Evan said...

I just wanted to tell you thank you for doing this with updates and pictures and videos. It really makes time between the games not seem so long. It helps me feel close to my friends too since we can't really talk when they are at camp.

Fred said...

Ben, you are right. I very much want to know which Euro players will be there. My five favorite to bring in are Landon, Howard, Gouch, Jozy and Adu. What about you?