Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Frankie Goes to Claddagh

Before coming to Hollywood (or Carson, to be precise) Frankie Hejduk headed out to Claddagh Irish Pub in downtown Columbus to catch the game between the USA and Sweden at his local U.S. Soccer Official Bar.“It was an amazing experience. I thought there would only be a handful of people there, but when I showed up the place was absolutely packed.” said Frankie, who arrived early to sign autographs and mix it up with the crowd.

Frankie joined in the celebration to take in the U.S.' 3-2 win against Sweden, and was excited to spend time with the fans in Columbus, which of course is the sight of the team's next game. You may have heard about it?

“There were fans decked out in Columbus Crew and U.S. gear, and the place went nuts every time we scored or a Crew player got into the game,” said Frankie, who headed out to So Cal early last week to meet up with the team for its preparations for the Mexico game.

“It's moments like that when you realize that soccer has made it in this country, especially in Columbus. It was rockin' there. I had an awesome time.”

In other U.S. Soccer Offical Bar action, The Globe Pub received its prize for taking the honor of Best Bar in the 2008 “Best Of” Awards. Held by Globe regulars Andy Maitland and Joe Thomlinson, the framed jersey already adorns the wall of the back-to-back Best Bar winner.
From Left: The Globe owner Stuart Johnston, U.S. Soccer Fans Andy Maitland and Joe Thomlinson

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