Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Pleasantly Uneventful Evening...

No fire alarms, no late-night phone calls ... just a lot of spirit from both U.S. and Mexico fans on the streets of Columbus. We saw supporters from both sides sharing stories and snapping photos, with some good-natured ribbing sprinkled in.

Yesterday's press conference was standing room only, with Landon predictably getting the most attention. Look for clips in today's Studio 90. We can also report that the field at the stadium is in very good shape. Hopefully the rain isn't too much of a burden on the surface before kickoff.

The team met for about 45 minutes last night after dinner, and were greeted in the lobby by a few friends and family. Always nice to see Mr. and Mrs. Beasley!

The team now settles into the game-day rhythm of meals and relaxation, as the anticipation for the match reaches a crescendo at 7:14 p.m ET tonight.


Bone Daddy Sammer said...

Claddagh Pub on Front St. in Columbus was crowded, loud and the spirits flowing. It was great to see the usual suspects from LA, New York, North Carolina, Las Vegas, Denver and Fresno. The post game celebration will be legendary.

The Pub showed reruns of the Mexico vs US games over the years. Watching Sanchez getting scored on and seeing his reaction is something that will always be funny.

There was lots of talk about going to Estadio Azteca. This could be the year we win and we want to be there.

Nathan Rose said...

Who else thinks Carlos Bocanegra should change his name to Carl Blackmouth for tonight's game? Which team are you on man?