Friday, February 6, 2009

Feb. 11 - Don't Tread on the Red


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Anonymous said...

Does Nike even sell the 'Don't Tread on Me' gear anymore? I have been looking for it for months and can't seem to find it anywhere. All I want is a red t-shirt with that logo on it

Tom said...

If Nike and US Soccer want to make a big deal about this...which fans have been calling for for almost a decade.....why doesn't Nike make (gasp) a red kit for the team and for the fans to buy?

You spent $70 on an official jersey, you want to wear it to the game and on game day. None of mine are red. Insanity.

piano_mambo said...

The colors of the United States are red, WHITE, AND BLUE.

If you wear only red to the game, you will look like a friggin' COMMUNIST.

U.S. patriots, remember, wear red, white, and blue on game day.

Jeff said...

I do think the red combined with the star looks a little communist. I think they should remove the star from the logo.

Oh well, it's cool. I'll put it as my facebook profile picture this week.

irvinefan said...

My new background!

argaen said...

How about the USSF and Nike just make a red jersey. Serious, stop with this fake red charade and let us wear red jerseys to the game instead of the the boring almost all white uni's that currently is being worn.

Dylan said...

Let's be honest, the red with the star looks A LOT communist, and I love it. As far as style points go you cannot beat it, its the desktop background on all my computers and if i can find a red dont tread on me flag it wil be up on my house. that being said, there is NO WAY the us team will change to red without toning down the commie overtones. but as fans lets run with it!!!

P.S. anyone getting up in arms with the USA vs. Communist/Red scare needs to come into this century. there is no longer a line separating capitalist and socialist/communist politics, every country, the U.S. included, uses both capitalist (business sector) and socialist (social services, infrastructure, investor protection) principles, Any use of Red/Communist is fashion pure and simple, its just like skinny ties and bellbottoms. GO USA!