Tuesday, February 3, 2009

TT - Club Contributions

All this talk of goals got us thinking got us thinking about where they came from - not which part of the field, or which part of the body, or what minute of the game - but which club team the goalscorers were representing at the time they hit the back of the net. So we did a little research, as we are inclined to do on days off (that's another story...).

So the question for you, fair readers, is this: Since 1996 (yes, the year of the inception of MLS, but not a clue), which club has contributed the most goals to the USA's cause against Mexico? You may be surprised at the number of teams that have made multiple contributions. Remember, the player had to be playing for the club at the time he scored.

Stopwatch starts .... now.


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Kevin said...

Bayer Leverkusen....Donovan and Hejduk

eh? eh? eh?

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Michigan Bucks Soccer said...

A tie with 3 between Bayer Leverkusen and the Chicago Fire

Bayer - 1999: Hejduk 2000: Hejduk and Donovan

Chicago - 2000: Razov and Wolff, 2001: Wolff

Andrew W said...

It seems like a 2-way tie between Chicago Fire who had Ante Razov and Josh Wolff (twice) score, and Bayer Leverkusen who had Frankie Hejduk score twice and Landon Donovan once before he was loaned out to the San Jose Earthquakes. However the Metrostars/Red Bulls franchise also has 3 goals. One by Eddie Pope. One by Clint Mathis and one by Jozy Altidore. So depending on what you count it's either 2 or 3 teams tied with 3 goals apiece.