Wednesday, February 4, 2009

TT Answered - Club Connections

The MNT blog is quite pleased with itself for this little twister, but as usual our fans proved to be as resourceful as ever.

To refresh, the question 'twas this:

Since 1996 (yes, the year of the inception of MLS, but not a clue), which club has contributed the most goals to the USA's cause against Mexico? You may be surprised at the number of teams that have made multiple contributions. Remember, the player had to be playing for the club at the time he scored.

Many of you caught on the fact that some players were on loan at the time they scored, and how others had changed teams, but only one of you put it all together.

Congrats to Andrew W., who made this correct post:

It seems like a 2-way tie between Chicago Fire who had Ante Razov and Josh Wolff (twice) score, and Bayer Leverkusen who had Frankie Hejduk score twice and Landon Donovan once before he was loaned out to the San Jose Earthquakes. However the Metrostars/Red Bulls franchise also has 3 goals. One by Eddie Pope. One by Clint Mathis and one by Jozy Altidore. So depending on what you count it's either 2 or 3 teams tied with 3 goals apiece.

We count the New York franchise as one big happy family - what's in a name? - so the correct is answer is in fact three teams. Thanks to everyone for playing ...

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