Thursday, March 26, 2009

A 30 Second Look Ahead

While the team is certainly taking things one game at a time in training on the field, back at Soccer House our group has churned out this commercial -- which has been running in the Nashville market.

Will we see you there?


agressively passive said...

Great commercial. Now, if only US Soccer could get it on air where people might actually see it. The only times I see these commercials is during MLS or USMNT games. Hint, the loyal and die-hard fans already know about the game. You need to get these commercials out there to the main stream casual audiences. Soccer moms for instance, who aren't watching MLS, Fox Soccer channel, etc.

ps: Like the cameo of the SBI Mafia banner in the background!

Krista said...

i dont like the term yanks... mostly because i hate the yankees.

thizzlemountain said...

ya what they said