Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Photos from Tuesday's Training

As we mentioned earlier, today's training session was more fully populated than yesterday's regeneration session. In all, 21 out of 22 guys were in action and there was lots of work to be done on the field. The team started with a warm up and some technical work before moving to a game of 7 v 7 with goalkeepers where the pace really picked up. Landon Donovan and Oguchi Onyewu were mostly doing stretching exercises, each having played full matches on Sunday. Training concluded with a finishing exercise, and after 90 minutes the group was pretty well spent. Check out the full gallery of photos at ussoccer.com.


amy said...

Is that a tattoo on Kljestan's left arm in the photos?

irvinefan said...

Can we get the pictures back to the size they used to be please? I loved being able to make the blog photos my computer's desktop background!

Keep up the good work!