Thursday, March 26, 2009

Frankie Answers

Thanks to everyone for writing in questions to the blog, twitter, and Facebook. Frankie sat down with coffee in hand to respond ...

Michael said...

Hey Frankie,

Thanks so much for being the ambassador you've been for U.S. soccer for years now--on and off the pitch.

My question is, as a guy who's been around the block a few times and who's been a leader for both club and country, in what areas would you say the National Team needs to develop to make it to the next level internationally? And what areas do you think american soccer as a whole needs to improve to do the same?

Frankie: “I think we’re on the right track. We’ve got all the tools in place that we need. Now that we have developed our own professional league, there are plenty of opportunities for U.S. to grow and develop. Saying that, we have plenty of guys playing abroad. Most of the top teams in the world have a similar mix. I think it now comes down to executing at the right time. In the World Cup, you need to have some luck. In 2002, we performed well and at the same time had some breaks go our way. We were very unfortunate not to make the semifinals. In 2006 we didn’t have as much luck, and still gave ourselves a chance to make it to the next round. Some people consider the 2006 World Cup, and I think that’s a good thing. It means we are setting our standards higher.”

AdamTheRed said...

How did you increase your awesomitude to...11, that's one louder than 10.

Frankie: “One of my favorite movies all time. Thanks, bro."

[Editor’s Note: for the uninitiated, the quote is from Spinal Tap]

Frail312 said...

Frankie, I really have to ask what went down in the tunnel after the Mexico match? All I saw was that one of Mexico's coaches slapped you, what was the deal? And by the way, you played a hell of a match against Mexico, solid defense from whistle to whistle.

Frankie: “Thanks for the compliment. All the stuff that happened is in the past. It was dealt with in the proper way, and now we’re focused on getting a result on Saturday. If you can win games on the road, you put yourself in a great position to qualify for the World Cup.”

Leonardo said...

Mr. Sweet Home San Diego,

Would you ever make a bet where ya had to cut your hair? like if the US wins the world cup? cuz i'd do that (i have long hair too)

Frankie: “No way. I’m a hippie at heart. It’s going to stay long for a while.”

BloggerAndrew W said...

Hey Frankie,

What makes you the best captain in the MLS? What makes you different than some other captains? Not only do you inspire your teammates, but you inspire the fans as well. When I am in Crew Stadium watching games I get pumped up just watching ya out there. Thanks for taking my question and for being such a passionate leader.

Frankie “Thanks again. At the end of the day, we’re trying to inspire everyone, whether it’s players, coaches or fans. The fans make the game that much more passionate for us, which in turn makes us perform better on the field. It’s a great feeling as a player to know that you have the support behind you. Not only was the 12th man a factor in our MLS Cup run, but it was a huge help in the game against Mexico. You guys pump us up, so I should be thanking you!”

Kristina G. says …


What makes it so hard to win qualifying games on the road? People always talk about the crazy things that happen to you, and I’ve seen the video of the ceiling bouncing in Costa Rica (watch the video). Why do you think people want to beat the U.S. so badly?

Frankie: “In CONCACAF we have become the team to beat. It’s almost comparable to being the championship team. That next year, everyone always plays a little bit harder against. During the past eight years, we have established ourselves really well, so everyone is looking for us. Also, the passion that the people have in these countries is second to none. Not only are the players pumped up to play against us, but the fans are even more jacked up. The pride of a nation is on display. Many of these countries have never been to a World Cup, so for them a game against the U.S. is often the biggest game on the calendar.”

J. Moorhouse said …

Hi there Frankie,

I think it’s really cool that you write Bob Marley lyrics up on the board in the locker room before games. How do you decide what inspirational message you are going to give the guys?

Frankie: “It’s actually a tweak between Marley’s lyrics and my own words. Sometimes I take the message and add my own flavor. I do switch it up a bit also. I’ve used lyrics from Jane’s Addiction, Ben Harper, and others. I don’t really think about it until we get to the stadium. The ideas just come to me.”

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mkb3 said...

Hey Frankie. If I remember correctly, you are a fellow espresso lover. What kind of home machine/grinder setup do you have? Do you have a favorite roaster (or maybe you roast your own)? If you ever get out to San Francisco, you definitely need to check out Four Barrel Coffee, Ritual Coffee Roasters, and Blue Bottle Coffee. Cheers to your MNT longevity and long live your crossovers!!!