Saturday, March 28, 2009

They Said It

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY

"El Salvador played with a tremendous about of energy. It was our challenge to match it. When we found ourselves behind it took a great effort from our players to fight back and come away with a point. We prepared for this game knowing that El Salvador would be difficult. We found ourselves behind, and that was not part of the plan, and at that point the team spirit and mentality paid off."

"We knew we had to fight back, and credit to the guys that we did it. With this team, we never feel like we are out of the game."

"Give them credit. They had two decent two goals, but at the end of the day we never gave up. We believed in ourselves and we fought back hard and got a point. The U.S. has a never say die attitude, and we brought it today. Even at 2-0, we knew the game wasn't over. We believe in each other, and fighting to get that point says a lot about the team."

On his assist on the first goal:
"It was a great buildup. I was making a lot of runs like that in the first half and really not getting the ball as much. Finally we connected on a couple passes and Landon laid it off to me. I saw a few players at the back post try and I just tried to get it there. Jozy did well to get it on goal and bury it."

Describing the tying goal:
"Typically at that point I don't go up on corner kicks, but it was the dying moments and I told Jose [Torres] to stay back because I wanted to go in for it. I made a near post run and then ducked to the far post and no one was with me. I don't know what happened, but the ball came to the back post and next thing you know it was on my head. It was a great feeling. At the end of the day, it was good that everyone fought hard and never gave up."

U.S. forward and Man of the Match JOZY ALTIDORE
"The ball came to the back post, and I was just at the right place at the right time. I was just trying to put in on frame. When you are that close, you don't have to place it that well."


Patriotic said...

I think this coach needs to start fielding the young players like Adu and co> They have proven themselves over and over again. I don't understand why you'll call Adu and not dress him - it just kills his confidence some more. In games like these, we need such players to bring about changes - draw fouls, and maybe score from fouls. Bradely is on coarse to be the next Arena if he keeps his favouritism run going.

RJ said...

If anyone tries to put a positive spin on this result I will go nuts. To be playing for your country, and come out looking as disinterested as we did is pathetic. Now I am not going to go and call for bradley's head like most. A lot of tonight was the players fault. We beat mexico 2-0, you cant expect the coach to go change his entire team. I am baffled as to why we didn't use the flank more and dempsey and beasley seemed to be playing in the center until beasley dropped back. our two goals were off crosses, you would think we would try to put in more service. Jose Francisco Torres deserves the start against T&T.

heworkshardforthemoney said...

i like the way jozy chased down the ball that resulted in a corner and finished off by franky's goal. he earned his start from now on.

Jeff said...

Let me congratulate the team for the comeback. Obviously the whole team needed to wake up, but they eventually did and the end of the game was fun to watch. I really thought we were going to get a third goal. Let's carry that intensity on to Nashville!