Thursday, March 26, 2009

Photos from Our Travels

We have arrived safe and sound in San Salvador and the guys are settling into their rooms with about 48 hours to go until game time. We flew past Quetzaltepec on our way into the city (above). The volcano is situated to the north of San Salvador and the hilly terrain meant that we landed some way away from the city.
When getting off the plane you notice one thing first: it's hot. Luckily the team's casual gear this time around features a v-neck t-shirt. Undoubtedly the extra ventilation is a requirement in this climate. Nice thinking, Nike! After a quick passport check we were off, but not before Brad Guzan took a picture with an adoring fan whose day was made by the photo op.

We drove up into the city in a bus and arrived at the hotel after about forty minutes, a journey that we documented for Saturday's Studio 90. A large amount of photographers greeted us at the door, and we headed through them and into the lobby.

In the hotel, lots of families from the U.S. embassy were waiting and the guys signed autographs and took pictures before heading off to dinner. Training will be tomorrow afternoon in the stadium. Until then, the guys will be resting, relaxing and preparing for Saturday's game.

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Anonymous said...

MY PASSPORT ARRIVED !!! WOOHOOO!! I will be there tomorrow to watch you guys play!! glad to hear you made it there safe! good luck!!