Friday, March 27, 2009

Futbol Forever

One of the themes that is consistently emphasized within the national team is the honor and responsibility that comes with wearing the jersey of the United States. The team is considered ambassadors of the country wherever we travel, and because of the limited time we spend in the countries we visit - often only 48 hours! - there isn't often an opportunity to reach out to the local communities. Fortunately for Bob Bradley, Mike Sorber, Tim Howard and Jose Francisco Torres, today was one of those opportunities.

The group traveled to the Universidad Don Bosco where 100 kids from the Futbol Forever Program were assembled for an hour-long clinic and meeting with the U.S. delegation. The
Futbol Forever Program was established last year to provide a safe and meaningful environment for underprivileged kids to learn soccer as well as the values of friendship, leadership and community. Already more than 3,000 children and volunteers have been enrolled in the program.

More than 50 journalists from six countries were on hand for the event that included the Vice President of El Salvador, Ana Vilma de Escobar. The coaches and players joined in som small-sided games before Mike Sorber and Jose Francisco Torres addressed the kids with stories about following their dreams.

"It's a really fantastic program here," said Howard. "I think it's very important to have outlets like these for kids, and to provide this type of opportunity is very special. As an athlete, I believe we should be giving back to the community. I'm grateful for the chance to spend time with them."

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Colette said...


I'm a life-long soccer player/US soccer team fan, and I live here in San Salvador! And actually, I work with youth in Soyapango, where Futbol Forever does extensive work with the kids there.

How can I meet you all and welcome you before you take off back to the States??

enjoy the heat!
la paz,