Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Visitors to Training

Tuesday we were visited by the family of Kambryn Lowery, who came out to training for a day they won't soon forget. Kambryn (5) is in long term maintenance for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and his entire family, including his mom, dad and four brothers and sisters (Keelan (11), Kylei (9), Ke├ędance (8), Kohmin (3)) will be coming to the game as well.

The kids got to meet the team, take pictures with the guys, and they even got some special gifts - Landon Donovan presented Kambryn with his shoes while Brad Guzan gave him his gloves (they're slightly big).

On Wednesday, the family will watch warm-ups from the field. They are set with tickets for the game and then will come down post-game to meet the team again.



Landon Donovan and Freddy Adu are first class guys. My best friend had cancer and we went to see San Jose Vs DC and this was the greatest moment of his life being able to meet these two guys. Very good story.

Army of Dad said...

Nice story and a welcome look into the softer side of the MNT.