Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The MNT Blog

Welcome to the new-look MNT Blog. While the layout isn't that different from before, there are a few major differences that we think you'll enjoy. Most importantly, we're now able to post larger videos, so all the great action and behind the scenes footage will be that much easier to enjoy. Just to show you the difference, we've added the USA-Mexico "Behind the Scenes" feature from last month.

Feb. 11, 2009: USA vs. Mexico - Behind the Scenes from ussoccerdotcom on Vimeo.

You'll also start to notice more extended coverage on the MNT Blog, and that's because we've merged the MNT Blog and the Global Blog. Now you'll have one-stop shopping for all the news on MNT players from abroad, whether they are marching through their league campaigns or in with the national team. The MNT Blog is now the single best source for the inside scoop on the men in the red, white and blue.

Stay tuned this week as the players compete in their final matches before the start of the next set of crucial World Cup qualifiers against El Salvador and Trinidad & Tobago.


Justin said...

Hey USSoccer, this is unrelated to your post, but I follow the blog via my google reader rss feed. Your rss feed dumped the last 25 posts into my reader this morning. Not sure why I didn't get the posts as they were put up, but I wanted to pass the info along. Thanks for all the great info about our team!

U.S. Soccer said...

Thanks for letting us know. We're working on it.