Wednesday, October 15, 2008


The coaching staff informed the team last night that DaMarcus Beasley will wear the captain's armband tonight against T&T. Beas will be leading the team onto the field tonight for the first time in his international career. The Rangers midfielder has 17 goals in 81 appearances since debuting with the full team on Jan. 27, 2001 against China. DaMarcus paced the U.S. with two goals against Cuba last Saturday night to secure the USA's place in the final round of qualifying. And who can forget his goal against Mexico on Sept. 3, 2005, that cemented the 2-0 victory and the USA's ticket to Germany?

Congratulation to DaMarcus. The only downside for Beas is that he's normally the last one out of the locker room!


Krista said...

That's awesome. I'm sure he won't mind being first this time around. :)

anna4italia said...

That's cool. Good for DaMarcus. :)