Monday, October 6, 2008

Final: USA 1 - 8 Portugal

Final - USA 1, Portugal 8

40 min - Cabral takes a shot on the volley that's saved by Bebe and goes out for a corner.

37 min - Cardinal finishes off Pedro Cary's cross.

37 min - Shocking giveaway by Portugal and Naumoski buries it in the top corner. Good finish there.

37 min - Hammes tries to test him but the ball goes wide.

36 min - Portugal sub in their backup goalie who looks like he's 12. Conveniently, that's his number.

35 min - Beasley with more good work to win a corner...he tries to find Myers at the far post but nothing doing.

34 min - Beasley and Wiesner play a good one-two but the return pass is just too far.

33 min - Vorberg with a good sliding stop to deny Leitao.

32 min - U.S. just can't get much going here. It's been the story of the tournament, really...

29 min - Israel sets up Bibi for the tap in finish.

27 min - Jardel makes it six with a left footed drive.

26 min - Silky stuff from Ricardinho as he beats two men then threads the needle for Leitao to pick up his hat trick.

25 min - Portugal pick up a giveaway and break quickly! Vorberg with a sliding stop outside the area though.

24 min - Leitao turns provider now, squaring for the captain Arnaldo to make it 4-0.

23 min - Portugal with a counter and Arnaldo looks for Bibi at the far post. His flick doesn't come off and the ball goes wide.

21 min - Goncalo picks up a bad U.S. clearance and makes it 3-0.

21 min - And we're underway!

20 min - Under a minute left and Portugal are content to run out the clock, they keep the ball and ease themselves into halftime...

18 min - Good save by Vorberg and Stewart leads the counter. Wieser's pass can't get through and Portugal clears.

17 min - U.S. looking to get something before halftime, and Hammes with a good move. Bendito take it off his feet though.

16 min - Portugal with a corner kick, as Cabral slies over to block Goncalo's effort. From the corner, Portugal loses it out of play.

15 min - Out of a Portugal timeout, Bibi tires a shot but Beasley bocks it out of play.

14 min - Apple lifts the ball to Wieser on the overlap, and Wiesner volleys. Good save by Benedito. Now up the other end where Portugal have a good chance, a failed cross pops loose at the top of the box and Goncalo whacks it. Vorberg with a save though.

13 min - Leitao goes for his hat-trick. If the safety net wasn't behind the goal that ball probably wouldn't have landed yet.

12 min - Since those early goals it has been even between the two teams...

10 min - Fancy footwork by Jardel who eludes Hammes by the sideline. He drags his shot wide of the goal though.

9 min - Portugal are content to be patient, but they've also shown their ability to attack at any moment. Goncalo loses his man and cracks a shot at Vorberg bu it goes wide...

7 min - The U.S. is controlling the ball better now. They're had more possession in the last few minutes.

6 min - Beasley with some good running, he side stepshis man and megs Ricardinho. He's brought down for a foul and a good free kick chance for the U.S. Cabral takes it but it's wide.

5 min - Now Wiesner just flashes a shot wide.

4 min - Great chance for the U.S. - Stewart with some good running up the line, and he squares it for Beasley with a good ball. Beasley's shot is saved by J. Bendito though.

3 min - A cutting through ball finds Arnaldo but Vorberg is out well to make the stop at his feet. From the corner, Goncalo lifts the ball to the top very Leitao volleys it home.

2 min - Giveaway by the U.S. and Arnaldo takes it. He squares it to Leitao who finishes easily past Vorberg.

1 min - Naumoski steals the ball and leads the U.S. on the counter, he tries to find Stewart but Portugal is back well.

1 min - And we're underway!

The National Anthems now: first Portugal and here's the U.S. Andy Rosenband and Chile Farias are suspended for this game. And The U.S. will start with Vorberg (GK), Beasley, Cabral, Naumoski, and Stewart. Joe Hammes is the captain for the U.S. today.

We're now in week two of the Futsal World Cup. Portugal needs the points here, they're still harboring a realistic chance of qualification for the next round.

Well, we're going to take one more detour from MNT happenings to bring you the U.S.' last game from the FIFA Futsal World Cup in Brazil. Today the U.S. is facing Portugal, hoping to come away with something to show from their trip to South America.

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