Thursday, October 2, 2008

Final: USA 1 - 6 Italy

FINAL - USA 1 - 6 Italy. That's it from the Maracanãzinho. We'll be back later with a bigger wrap up. The U.S. put in a good effort today but eventually the quality of the Italians told. The U.S. goes searching for a win against Thailand on Oct. 4, so not much time to rest.

40 min - Another foul on the U.S. and Assis lines this one up. He side foots it past Richey who is caught going the wrong way.

39 min - Stewart with some more good running but he just can't get passed the tough Italian defense.

38 min - Stewart earns a corner but it deflects out of bounce of Jacobson. Just a minute to go now...

37 min - U.S. needs a goal from somewhre here, and soon...And just like that Bertoni extends the lead for the Italians. His left food drive goes into the top near post corner over Richey.

37 min - Grana puts it in from the spot kick. An unfortunate bounce for Richey there. He got a foot to it but it wasn't enough.

36 min - Chile is fouled and the U.S. with a freekick in a dangerous area. He just puts his shot wide of the goal though...There's the sixth foul on the U.S.

36 min - Jacobson backs down his man to earn the U.S. a corner.

35 min - Time out to somebody. 5:50 left on the clock.

35 min - That last goal really took a lot out of the U.S. Tozer is trying to rally his team.

34 min - Yellow card for Apple and that's five fouls for the U.S.

34 min - Hammes now with a yellow card.

33 min - Goal by Nora. He absolutely crushes a pass from a short corner by Bertoni. The ball takes an unfortunate deflection off of Wiesner and wrongfoots Richey.

32 min - Jacobsen to Stewart who sqaures the ball for Hammes. Blocked by Grana. And Italy goes up to the other end. Outrageous flick by Morgado to set up Assis but the U.S. gets back well.

31 min - 10 minutes to go and this game isn't over by any stretch...

30 min - A clever pick by Italy's Jubanski doesn't escape the Referee... And a deep ball from Naumoski finds Morris! Great save by Feller again. He's been one of the best goalkeepers in the tournament so far...

30 min - Lovely combo from Chile and Myers but Myers can't get the shot away. Yellow cards to both Chile and Jacobson, not sure what for. Well, Jacobson's was for a foul...

28 min - Richey with another save as Italy work a nice wall pass down the right flank.

27 min - Hammes now with a shot and it's deflected away by the Italian fullback. Soon after Naumoski blazes over. The U.S. is getting some looks here in the 2nd half.

26 min - U.S. doing well here and they earn another kick in deep in Italy's half. Shocking entry pass though and Italy counters, Richey with a good save.

26 min - Good play by the U.S. and Stewart finds Wiesner in the area. Glorious chance for the U.S.! Feller with a huge save for Italy though.

24 min - U.S. pressing Italy higher this half...

23 min - Off the line by Apple! A well worked freekick freed up an opportunity but Apple was there to hit the ball away. Corner to the U.S.

23 min - Italy with good possession but the U.S. is hanging tough. The game is getting more phsyical too as both Jacobson and Stewart go in tough on challenges. Richey now mixes it up with Morgado and a free kick to Italy in a dangerous spot.

22 min - Chile with a good tackl to get back for defensive cover. Italy with a corner.

21 min - And we're underway for the second half! Italy flashes a shot wide from a set piece.

2nd Half is about to start here and both teams are out.

HALFTIME - Well the U.S. took the lead but Italy fought back through two well worked goals. U.S. with it all to do in the second half. The halftime soundtrack features an Usher remix and some songs by The Ting Tings.

17 min - Wonderful cross field ball from Foglia to Morgado but his shot goes wide.

16 min - Some good play from Jacobson and Stewart and Jacobson flashes a shot just wide of the Italy goal.

15 min - The U.S. with 3 fouls to Italy's one... and the italians are knocking he ball around nicely in their half at the moment.

14 min - Italy is increasing their pressure on the U.S. here, those two goals have really energized them. The U.S. needs to get something going.

13 min - Well our internet is going in and out here, but right now it's 2-1 Italy.

7 min - Yellow card to roenband for an overzealous tackle on Fabiano.

6 min - Foglia with some fancy dribbling and he cracks a shot. The ball goes through the hands of Richey but Apple is back to clear. Corner for Italy but it comes to nothing. Frantic stuff from the Maracanãzinho!

5 min - U.S. needs to keep things close here, the Italians are looking for a quick response.

4 min - Good combo from Italy between Morgado and Zanetti, but Richey is there. He releases it quickly to Myers who is on the break and he's cynically pushed from behind by Bertoni. No card? Nonetheless the U.S. with a good opportunity. Chile to take it and his shot bounces off the wall to Rosenband at the far post! He taps it in - 1-0 U.S.!

3 min - Italy with the possession here early on but they lose it out of play and the U.S. gets a chance to regroup.

2 min - Italy hit the post and ball bounces away. Clever attempt from Morgado as he goes five-hole on Richey, but the post was on its best behavior for the U.S.

2 min - Italy with the first chance of the game as Richey is forced into a save.

1 min - And we're underway! The U.S. going from left to right...

12:28 pm - The national anthems are done and the players are ready. It's a battle of the away jerseys! The Azzuri's historic white vs. the traditional anthracite of the U.S!

12:23 pm - Here come the flags! And the FIFA Anthem! Our players are walking out now!

12:17 pm - The lineups are being announced the sweepers are sweeping and mopping the floor. The players are lining up in the tunnel as the Blog writes this, and out comes coach Tozer...

12:12 pm - Are you watching or following the game out there? The blog could use a little support, it's feeling a bit nervous, you see. Anyhow, leave a comment ask us a question, we'd love to hear from you!

12:10 pm - A few minutes until game time now, and if the U.S. can manage a victory, everybody in the group would be tied. Meanwhile the crowd loves Parangole. He's walkng around on the field to cheers.

12:03 pm Portugal has just defeated Paraguay, 3-2, in a thrilling game here at the Maracanãzinho. The stadium is jumping and lets hope some of the energy carries over to our game...just about a half hour to go.

11:55 am - Here are the starters for the U.S. vs. Italy - 12-Jeff Richey (GK), 6-Andy Rosenband, 7-Ptah Myers, 13-Pat Morris (capt.), 14-Brett Wiesner.

Denison Cabral and Jamar Beasley are unavailable for the U.S., while Pat Morris is the only active player carrying a booking.

-Well, The Blog is online...for now. It's been a bit hectic in the stadium and the game on the field is equally dramatic - it's 2-2 right now between Portugal and Paraguay.


Ray from Oregon said...

Can you keep a running tally of how many times the Italians floop?

ray from oregon said...

Sir Blog Master,
No Flop Tally? There is no way Italy could beat their flop recored from 2 years ago in K-town.