Sunday, October 12, 2008

Transitioning to Trinidad

Following last night's win against Cuba, the mood in MNT camp is buoyant. Guys are excited about securing qualification for the Final round and the focus now shifts to Trinidad & Tobago, where the pressure of needing a result is gone.

Last night's crowd was an excited and noisy one, with the Oguchi Onyewu Section providing a particular verve. We say "section" because there were around 100 of Gooch's family and friends in attendance. Undoubtedly they were pleased with Gooch getting on the scoresheet late in the game, and afterwards their favorite player came over and tossed his jersey up into the crowd.

This morning the guys underwent a regen session in the gym, getting on treadmills and moving around a bit before stretching and winding down. With another game in just a few days, preparations have already begun, and that includes wearing compression pants on the flight down.

We've just wrapped up a team lunch and are heading out in a few minutes. We'll be back after touching down in Trinidad tonight!


anna4italia said...

That was an awesome game. 6 wicked goals...and I have a new respect for Beasley after last night. Wow. I hope we will get to see Torres again...he is so adorable. :)

Krista said...

Nice win for the boys. The passing can improve but the set pieces were nice.

Saw the roster for T&T. Can't wait to see what the line up is and how the boys will perform. Good luck guys. :)

Melissa said...

where could one purchase some of these compression pants... I have several transatlantic flights coming up soon and they seem fairly awesome

Anonymous said...

Awesome game. My son and I sat in the stands and the vibe was amazing! Great to see the guys do so well!