Saturday, October 4, 2008

Final: USA 3 - 5 Thailand

Final - Thailand 5, USA 3. The U.S.' FIFA Futsal World Cup comes to an end with a tough loss against Thailand.

40 min - Pat Morris adds a late consolation goal, assisted by Myers.

38 min - Under two minutes left and Khumthinkaev scores to all but end the game.

38 min - Myers cracks a shot to win a corner. Chile to take, he scoops it in and Morris connects with his left foot but it's wide.

37 min - Corner kick and it's worked back to Hammes. U.S. passing nicely but Thailand is packing it in...

37 min - Coach Tozer calls a time out to draw up a play from the free kick...And the fifth attacker is on as Hammes goes in the goal...Um, that play didn't go so well, but the U.S. has another kick in.

36 min a belated booking for Thailand as #5 goes in the book.

36 min - The game has died considerably. Thailand won't mind, but the U.S. needs to start throwing some people forward here...

35 min - Five minutes to go...There's no better time than now.

34 min - 5 fouls on the U.S., as Naumoski is called for an infringement.

33 min - Thailand is enjoying themselves now, their possession game is getting harder and harder for the U.S. to break down.

32 min - U.S. is pressing but some heads have dropped. Vorberg with a good one and one save.

32 min - #10 plays a nearpost corner to Janta and he puts it past Vorberg. U.S. n a bigger hole now.

31 min - U.S. has to conjure something here. Can coach Tozer find inspiration from somewhere?

31 min - Hammes called for a foul... Now Rosenband goes into the book. That's four fouls for the U.S. and Rosenband is gone for the next match.

30 min - Hammes rips a shot and Tompa tips it over.

29 min - Suttiroj finds #5 at the far post and he puts it in. 3-2 Thailand. U.S. was slow to react off the freekick.

29 min - Now Chile goes in the book. He'll be suspended for the next game...

28 min - U.S. called for playing the ball back to its keeper. Dangerous spot her for Thailand, and Morris with a great block off the shot.

27 min - Jacobson looks to be struggling with a blister or something...we haven't seen him in awhile and he's just gone down to the locker room. Matthew Stewart flashes a ball wide. He thought he was pushed in the back. The referee disagrees, and gives him a yellow card for dissent.

26 min - The teams have settled down here. It's still anybodys game. Thailand wins a corner kick and its well worked to Suttiroj but he fires wide.

25 min - Foul on Thailand.

24 min - Rosenband does well to block a shot from Innui. Up at the other end Apple finds Naumoski, but his flick JUST goes over the goal....

23 min - Janta picks up a loose ball and cracks a shot, Vorberg pushes it wide though...Thailand look a bit rattled.

23 min - Apple with a pass to Cabral who finishes with a delightful chip over the goalkeeper. 2-2! The best possible start for the U.S.!

22 min - U.S. with some good passing. Except then it's given away.

21 min - We're underway here. Chile tries to find Rosenband with a lob but Tompa is out to clear with his head.

The teams are out. This is it for the U.S. - they'll need to come from behind in order to maintain their hopes of qualifying for th next round of the World Cup.

20 min - Time winding down and Stewart finds Apple. His one touch shot flies past the goalie and it's 2-1 for the U.S. With five seconds left on the clock! That could be momentum shift that the U.S. needs for the second half...

20 min - Rosenband squares the ball across the goal and Cabral leaves it. It hits Stewart at the edge of the area and his curling shot the post! Agonizing for the U.S.

19 min - U.S. could use a goal before halftime here, but things just aren't happening right now. Thailand is content to let the U.S. come at them and hit on the counterattack.

18 min - A bunch of posts just got deleted but it's 2-0 Thailand.

14 min - Cabral dribbling and he beats his man into the Thailand area. He can't get by the defender though and Thailand counters. #5 plays Suratsawang and he buries it past Vorberg. 1-0 Thailand.

13 min - Another give away by the U.S. and Thailand counter attacks quickly. Good save by Vorberg though, he looks well up for it today.

12 min - The Wave is going around now in the Maracanãzinho. A good combo from Thailand but #5's shot goes wide. Number 5's name is 16 letters long.

11 min - Bad giveaway by Myers and Thailand takes a shot through Suratsawang. Vorberg blocks and Hammes is over well to clear the danger.

10 min - Corner to the U.S. as Stewart tees up a shot for Chile that is deflected over...Nothing comes of it though.

9 min - Janta with a shot that Jacobson slides over well to block...Foul on Thailand, that's 2 for them to the U.S.' 0.

9 min - U.S. is playing tough defense today, Thailand is having trouble passing the ball in deep. It's what th eU.S. is known for and they're executing well so fartoday.

8 min - Santanaprasit with a shot that Vorbeg tips over. Good stuff from the Milwaukee Wave goalkeeper so far today...

7 min - U.S. with the majority of the possession, but Thailand is remaining composed. Chile looks for stewart with a lobbed pass but it goes out of play.

7 min - Rosenband goes down but no call. Thailand counters, and a quick double shot by Suratsawang on Vorberg. He's up to the challenge and makes two good saves. Off the rebound he makes a third for good measure.

6 min - U.S. needs to regroup here. Thailand have been lifted by that penalty save...

5 min - Tompa is on the tarp right now. He took that save right off the grill. He probably won't care though, he's kept his side level...

5 min - Stewart with a great run to beat his man and he's in alone. Brought down by Janta and it's a penalty! Cabral to take...and it's saved by Tompa! From point blank range. A golden chance wasted by the U.S....

4 min - The blog has acquired some Bastões or, as they're known in English, Thundersticks. We're splitting our time between banging and blogging...

3 min - First real chance of the game for the U.S. as Naumoski beats his man and goes far post. Roseband just can't get his foot to it. Chile picks up the loose ball and his fancy dribbling eludes his man...but his shot goes wide of the goal.

2 min - Thailand with a kick in the U.S. half. They go far post but, Vorberg is down early to push it away.

1 min - U.S. with its first line switch. Myers, Hammes and Cabral come in.

1 min - And we're underway. U.S. going from right to left here...

The anthems are done and the teams are out. We're about to kickoff...

The U.S. starting lineup is: Vorberg (GK), Rosenband, Farias, Stewart and Morris.
Joe Hammes captains the side today

Well, the internet seems to be working. We'll be back around gametime with some live updates! Remember, this is a must win (essentially) for the U.S. so stay tuned!

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