Sunday, October 12, 2008

Trini Time

Greetings from Port of Spain, where the local time is ... late.

Long day of travel from D.C. to Trinidad, but extremely smooth. The flight from Washington is just under five hours air time, which gave the lads plenty of opportunity to rest following last night's big win against Cuba. 'Twas the usual assortment of chess, card games, movies, and a lot of sleeping. Fifteen of the 18 players on the roster are now here, with Pablo Mastroeni, Jonathan Bornstein and Robbie Rogers set to arrive tomorrow.

The Trinidadians that we have met so far are pumped about the 0-0 draw in Guatemala last night that puts them right in the thick of advancing to the next round. They were very polite when they were welcoming us to the country and telling us that they hope we lose. And of course they did it with a smile! All signs are that is going to be a big night here Wednesday, and certainly a big test for many of the players seeking to make an impression on the coaching staff.


SBU/MSUDuo11 said...

Give us Kenny Cooper!

Pete said...

OK, no Landon and others? Is this our best foot foreword? Why?? T & T not to be taken too lightly on the road. I'm sure we'll be fine but on any given day..., Hey, Bob knows best.

anna4italia said...

I really like this roster. It's good to see some of the younger guys are going to be able to experience WCQ. And Johnathan Bornstein! Good to have my favorite defender back!

Good luck Wednesday. :)

JRG said...

Maybe all of the BB haters will get off his back now that we have secured a spot in the HEX. He has called the kids in for a tough road match which will be a great test for our young guys.


PS- Cooper turned down the invitation to this match so he can help FC Dallas try to make the MLS playoffs.

SBU/MSUDuo11 said...


If that is the case I would hope to see him against Guatemala in November.