Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Impromptu Interview with Jay DeMerit while Jay is on the Training Table

us: What's the most interesting thing that has happened to you in the last two months?

Jay: "The goal that never was! It was against Reading [a 2-2 draw on Sept. 20, 2008]. They had a corner kick that gets played into the box. Our guy heads it down, then it hits another player's knee and is heading out of bounds about three yards wide of the goal. Just before the ball is across the endline, a Reading player slides to keep it in and crosses it back across the goal. The linesman's flag goes up, the referee blows the whistle, and everyone sets up for a goal kick. All of a sudden, the referee runs over to the linesman and then points towards the center circle as if it's a goal. Naturally we go ballistic, the ref is handing out yellow cards left and right, and he is adamant that they scored a goal. The ball was three yards wide! Our manager compared that goal call to a UFO landing in the middle of the pitch. Neither ever happened."

us: That certainly qualifies as interesting. Your take on the Brett Favre move to New York?

Jay: "I thought it was dealt with badly by both parties. As a huge Favre fan, you never wanted to see him go. At the end of the season he said he was done, and the team had to be prepared for the future, and it's hard to take that back. Then again, he's proved with the Jets that he can still get it done. The Packers had a decision to make, and fair enough to Brett that he wanted to be the number one. It's weird seeing him in another jersey. But then again, Rogers has come in and done a good job, so everyone's been proved right."

us: So clearly you are still conflicted ...

Jay: "Clearly."

us: What's the last thing you read?

Jay: "I'm reading Richard Branson's book. He's the owner of Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Being the budding entrepreneur that I am, it's a fascinating read for me."

us: What's next?

Jay: "Pool workout, more stretching and getting ready for training. The life of the footballer..."

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