Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Perkins Back in Town

Training at RFK evoked a sense of deja vu for goalkeeper Troy Perkins, the former D.C. United netminder having spent four seasons in Washington, D.C. Joining the squad as an undrafted rookie, he went on to post a league best 16-6-7 record en route to earning MLS Goalkeeper of the Year honors in 2006. Perkins joined Valerenga IF in Norway this past January, and while his career continues to move forward, he is certainly enjoying his time back in the United States.

us: What's it like being back in your old stomping grounds?

Troy: "It's weird. You go from the biggest city in Norway, which you think is good sized, but it wouldn't even be a third of the size of DC. Seeing old faces, the old club ... It's a walk down memory lane."

us: You made an appearance at D.C. United's training yesterday. How was it seeing the fellas?

Troy: "Yeah, I showed up to say hi to some of the guys . I didn't get a chance to say goodbye before I left for Norway. Many of them didn't travel to Costa Rica (for the Champions League match against Saprissa), so I should get a chance to seem them again."

us: How did it feel walking out the tunnel underneath RFK and on to the stadium field?

Troy: "Neat. I have a lot of good memories on that field. We left on really great terms, and you never know in this game where you are going to wind up."

us: So what's the first thing you did when you got back?

Troy: "I went to Starbucks coffee. And I was very disappointed. It wasn't as good as I thought in my head. I also went to some of the back country outfitters that you only find on the east coast, like REI and couple other place. I've been seeing some old friends and family. D.C. is an impressive city. Very neoclassical."

us: You've been in with national team a couple in times in the past, but were you surprised by the callup?

Troy: "I know the national team coaches are always keeping an eye on players all over the world, and they are very good about giving players opportunities. I just try to focus on playing well and getting better, and letting the other things take care of themselves. I'm very pleased to get the chance to be here, so I just plan on working hard and hopefully showing enough to continue to get called in when there are opportunities."

us: Biggest difference living in Norway?

Troy: "The expenses! Norway has a lot of good things. The culture is centered around the family. We are about working and making money all the time. A full time job there is considered 35 hours a week, with five weeks guaranteed vacation. So in those terms, the lifestyle is quite nice."


prairie said...

"I also went to some of the back country outfitters that you only find on the east coast, like REI "

...which will come as news to the people at REI's headquarters in Seattle.

Geoff S. said...


Welcome back to DC! As United supporters, we were sad to see you go! As far as back country outfitters go, you should also check out Cabela's. Anyway, Good luck on Saturday! I'll be at RFK expecting a show!

Krista said...

35 hour work week? 5 week vaca? Norway here I come.

anna4italia said...

Wow. That's super cool to see some guys getting called up that we don't see that often. Really cool... :)

Dominghosa said...

rei is everywhere, calif., az, nv....