Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Attack of the Vuvuzelas

We spoke earlier of the vuvuzelas, the rather distinct sounding horns carried by the South African soccer faithful. No doubt you heard the cacophony of sounds throughout the broadcasts of the Confederations Cup matches, which bear a tormenting resemblance to the instruments played at matches for our neighbors to the south.

To be placed in the category of good intentions, our hotel decided to give the players vuvuzelas as both a token of appreciation as well as a gift of local import. The result of their generosity was a symphony of bad horn playing that provoked rather unpleasant memories of that persistent performance at games involving you know who.

Ah well. It's the thought that counts, right?


Bone Daddy Sammer said...

Vuvuzelas are still ringing in our ears. I will be taking home some Vuvuzelas and make it a weapon of mass distraction for our future US opponents. It will be a reminder of this tournament and a training tool to prepare the team for 2010 during the Gold Cup and qualifiers. So that when the team hears the Vuvuzelas next year in South Africa, they will feel more at home with the sound. As the saying goes, "When in South Africa, do as......"

Shout out to the fams who were at the game. Especially the two fans from Jersey we met at the hotel. The result did not go our way, but the tournament is not over yet. Egypt showed us that.

Daisy Chick said...

those horns are annoying to no end.

Jeff said...

I hate them. Will they be banned during the World Cup?

davidm said...

I hope they'll be banned. Fans from all over the world are already lamenting the fact that they'll have to watch next year's games on TV with sound turned off.

HereNow said...

US Soccer, ESPN and everyone else with any weight over here needs to push FIFA to get the horns banned.

The World Cup is the biggest vehicle for soccer's growth in this country. It's when millions of casual viewers tune in and get caught up in the excitement. Some of them wind up becoming fans of the game and sticking around for the long run. And thus soccer grows, bit by bit.

Those people will NOT be gravitating to the 2010 World Cup if having it on your TV set is a kind of aural torture.

Please: I beg you, US Soccer, to lead the behind-the-scenes campaign against these vuvuzelas. We have more at stake than perhaps any other market in the world.

davidm said...

Well said, HereNow! Absolutely spot on.

Fox River Times said...

Man, I hope that those things will be banned at the 2010 World Cup. Someone should really think about starting a petition.

Mike D. said...

Anyone saying we should ban the vuvuzelas has lost the plot. You can't understand fan chanting over the TV anyway, and these represent the location.

If you're going to have the WC in South Africa, you take with it all of the fan peculiarities that come with it -- those crazy hand-made helmets and vuvuzella.

To be honest, they sound awesome, I will be bringing one to the next MetroStars game I attend and if I were to go to the World Cup, I would probably buy about 8.

I need to get my hands on one of these.