Friday, June 19, 2009

Slight Change of Scenery

Slightly different, indeed. The team is now based at the Bakubung Lodge, which is situated in the middle of the Pilansberg National Park. One of these fellas stood near the entrance to the lodge on the way in, one of many different species of wildlife that populate the surrounding area. It's a refreshing change of scenery, to say the least.


Jahs Onetnos said...
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AdamTheRed said...


They are clueless and too busy making excuses so nobody is held responsible.

Nothing will change until after the World Cup....even though now would be a great time to change personnel before the Gold Cup. IE Rongen could manager as interim while a new manager could be installed by the mexico game in August.

marklop5 said...

Can US soccer please acknowledge the frustration from the fans, the media, and the players in this blog? There are not a whole lot of us in this country who care; please don't alienate whoever's left by pretending everything is OK. We care too much about this team to see it languish and stutter. You're not going to fire Bob Bradley, but at least you can address the terrible dissapointment of the recent qualifiers/the Con Cup. Oh and thanks for the pictures of the zebra. Nice to see in a time of semi-crisis your eyes are on the prize

ZBALL61 said...

Looks like a menacing left back, bet no one would push him around. Lol. Seriously, Our back and midfield played very well vrs italy. The effort and hustle was commendable. BUT! there is No way at this time those same players can go back to back games Thought the right back played well, demerit, needs to step up not back track. The big man in the back isnt soccer savy enough. if we could put bornstiens instincts into the Big Body in the center Then there would be talent. Donavan, Looked sharp crisp, he needs help. altidore, get hungry to score the Goal man, you can do it your not trying. You guys are playing soft and full.instead of hungry despaarte for a win your talent and looks wont do it, YOU NEED HEART !!

mtgrizzlyfan said...

Why would you remove the post MNT blog author? To be honest I was offended when I saw this was your latest MNT blog topic as well. The poster asked a legitimate question. I think removing the post of a us fan asking for some explanation by someone in authority is somewhat of a spineless move. I agree with many of the poster that some acknowledgement of disappointment on the part of the fans who support this country and the MNT is in order. I'm not calling for Bob Bradley's head, but he ought to explain why in the world he chose Beasley and Kljestan for the starting XI versus Brazil. No doubt Beasley is at fault for both of the first half goals from Brazil.

In the meantime why don't you go ahead and keep your posts relevant to the tournament. If I wanted to go and sight see Africa I wouldn't be looking at the USMNT blog.

Look I can understand trying to give some exposure to fans of what South Africa is like, but I think the folks who come and read this blog are mostly interested in the state of the USMNT.

KO said...


"removed by author" means "removed by the author of the POST" not the "author of the BLOG". I think he deleted it and re-posted under "marklop5". Let's cease with the conspiracy suggestions or the censorship claims.

And if you have read this blog, you would know that the post IS relevant to the subject matter of the blog. Seriously. Pay attention.

U.S. Soccer said...

mtgrizzlyfan: The comment has not been deleted. It was submitted twice and accidentally posted twice. Other than items containing profanity, we have published every single comment from the fans,and as you can see there have been many. We have also posted a post-match quote sheet:

Since it was established, the MNT blog has posted items covering all aspects of the team's journey, whether it be information about the team and games or facts about the people and places they visit along the way.

Plus, who doesn't like zebras?

U.S. Soccer said...
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mcadaal said...

Thank you, US soccer, for not deleting our honest, direct comments. We all will support the US team, we just don't want to play without heart again. The Italy was actually a good game (1 man down whole time but 100% heart). Can we keep playing like that against Egypt?

Come on, Bob. Make it happen and redeem yourself a little.

Kate said...

MNT Bloggers,

I have to say that I've always been very happy with the coverage you give us. I thoroughly enjoy the insights into the players and routines you give us. And while I agree that the team is playing pretty poorly right now, but that doesn't mean that I'm going to stop cheering like a crazy person for them, and doing my best to get to as many games as I can. My job as a fan is to support the team no matter what, and I have every intention of doing so. Thanks for all your hard work! You guys rock!

marklop5 said...

Yeah, I didn't post and then re-post without any swear words, and I understand the meta-joke the US soccer communications people are doing with the zebra picture/ referee banner headline. However, what a lot of us want to see is something from this blog--with its unique inside look--that's a little more honest when times are tough, like now. A post saying "the team is down in the dumps but training harder than they have in the last couple months to prove to themselves, their fans, and the world that they're not to be treaded upon" would be nice. Maybe even a link to Clint's rap video.

KO said...

Wow. Kate. All I am saying is that I might be in love. MIGHT.

ddomin2363 said...

Wow....let's ignore all the mistakes and the lackluster play and let's focus on a freaking zebra. Good Job US Soccer! Idiots

Vincel said...

We need an European coach , and we need him fast.
A basic truism of organizations is that the group takes on the personality of the leader ; the coach , the CEO ....... In this case Bob Bradley. His personality seems to be the strong silent type .Cerebral and aloof.He favors logical tactics .Coolness on the ball.Methodical play .Logical rather than creative.
What he does not have in his personality is passion, grit , emotions .Physical competitiveness.
So the National team is designed to play in the manner of the coach. Hence , the lack of agressiveness ,in the failure to close those outside shots .A lack of creativeness needed on offense , at the world level , to produce more shots . The coach can't change his personality.At least , not in time for the world cup . So...Don"t expect much of a change in the USA play .
If you want change , it will require a new coach , preferrably one who is passionate and more inventive.We need to be a tougher team. We shouldn't be ashamed of playing a bit more defensive . Two defensive mid fielders.I think we are capable of countering for a goal.

Rosie said...

MNT Bloggers,
I love all your blogs!
i don't care what other people say!
Keep up the good job! =D

Go USA!!!!

mtgrizzlyfan said...

My apologies to US Soccer and the MNT Blog folks. Clearly I was mistaken about the post removal.

I have read all of the post match quotes and of course other than Tim Howard saying something like we need to quit talking about learning from mistakes and actually put the lessons learned into practice,most of them sound like excuses and efforts to sweep serious issues under the rug.

I would like someone, in particular Bob Bradley, to comment (after the tournament of course) on this recent stretch of games and why so many U.S. fans see it as the worst run of form for the USMNT in more than a decade and what he and the team are going to do about it. Are fans wrong? Do we just not understand something? Should we not expect tireless effort from the 24 guys representing our proud country of nearly 300 million? I think we've all been watching the same games right? Granted the effort looked improved versus both Honduras and Italy, but I guess in my opinion it still wasn't at the level it should be, nor was it a untied effort.

I am a U.S. supporter always. Win lose or draw. There is no denying however that the USMNT is in total disarray. No chemistry, low confidence, poor performances, uninspired play.

I'd like to hear Bob Bradley come out and state that things are unacceptable and they will change period.