Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Training Update

The last session before the Brazil match is now complete, and the team is going through video sessions as we write. Carlos Bocanegra trained with the full team for the entire hour, and will once again be a game-day decision. Training was back at Pilditch Stadium today, since teams are only allowed one session in the official match venue.

There has been a truly international flavor from the media the last two days, with crews from as far apart as Australia, Indonesia, Brazil and Canada covering the U.S. team. The Brazilians have been quick to point out the USA's performance against Italy and their history of competing against Brazil as reasons they are not taking the U.S. lightly.

The weather has turned fabulous during the last few days, with clear and sunny skies allowing temperatures to reach near 70 degrees. The mood in the camp is equally clear; the disappoint of Monday's result having given way to the promise of another opportunity.

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