Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bayern Buddies

As is traditional on the day before a match, the U.S. holds a pre-match press conference at the stadium just prior to training. Today's participants were Bob Bradley, Tim Howard and Landon Donovan, which means they leave 45 minutes ahead of the team. As we arrived at Loftus Stadium, the Italian team was on the way out of their session. Standing at the door and warmly greeting the arrivals was Italy coach Marcello Lippi, and as Landon passed through he ran into Luca Toni, his former teammate at Bayern Munich. Toni sounded like he spoke decent English; and in case you forgot from the 2006 World Cup, the man is enormous. Slighty amusing watching Landon literally have to look up at him. Way up.

We will have sound and video from the presser into tomorrow's edition of Studio 90.

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