Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Morning After - Headlines from Around the World

Last night's win literally made headlines across the globe, so we thought we'd share just a few with you...

From Spain
“Humble Pie” (print version)

“Shipwreck on the United States Coast” (online version)

El Pais
“The Party's Over”

El Mundo
“The U.S. Destroys the Spanish legend”

“Yes They Can!” (headline in English)

From Around the World....
La Cronica (Mexico)
“Made In USA” (headline in English)

Gazeta (Brazil)
“The Miracle Workers from the U.S. Appear Once Again and Eliminate ‘The Fury’”

L’Equipe (France)
“The American Dream”

Sky Sports (England)
“USA Stuns Spain to Make Final”,19764,11065_3152727,00.html

Clarin (Argentina)
“The United States Shocks the World of Football and Takes Down Spain”

Have you found others? Let us know in the comments!


Julio said...

Los Tiempos (Bolivia)
The "soccer" rises to the level of fútbol
El "soccer" asciende a la categoría de fútbol

El Tiempo (Colombia)
Estados Unidos puso fin a una serie de marcas que tenía España

Ovacion (Uruguay)
España digiere incrédula la derrota de su selección

Chris said...

Ha, I find it hilarious that the "Humble Pie" Marca article asterisks(*) this message below the title:

"We are number 1 but it is better to lose now than a year from now in the World Cup."

Wow, ok.

Pedro Sampaio said...

The brazilian tv channel Globo made a sensational reporting in an ironic way. It was ridiculous, they focused in some mistakes by the american team instead of showing the good defense plays and the well organized tatics. They manipulate, i guess the people who didn't watch the game though the US won the match by luck. Keep playing this way guys, for just shut the fuck up of some guys out here. Sorry for my english if i had any mistake.

Gianfranco said...

I wish I knew about headlines IN the United States. Both of the Chicago newspapers seemed to bury the story of what is possibly the biggest upset in soccer.

The César said...

Did everyone watch Jim Rome right after the BRA-RSA game? I understand that his job is to be obnoxious, but to say "the US played a good game," and then proceed to tell the dismiss the team, the sport, and its fans is simply petty. What a schmuck.

Man, we don't get respect abroad or from jerks like Jim Rome domestically... I hope we put out a great showing on Sunday and make them all eat some serious crow.

Mark said...

This is a link to an article on the le Monde's website. It reads: "...the USA unintimidated by the favored Spanish"

BlogJockey said...

ban the noise at soccer games in south africa

Pedro Sampaio said...

lol check it out

it says: "New zebra specie is discovered in South Africa"

Kevin said...


davidm said...

Sport-Express (Russia)
"Spain brought down to Earth"