Sunday, June 21, 2009

U.S. Starters vs. Egypt

2-Jonathan Bornstein
5-Oguchi Onyewu
8-Clint Dempsey
9-Charlie Davies
10-Landon Donovan (capt.)
12-Michael Bradley
13-Ricardo Clark
15-Jay DeMerit
17-Jozy Altidore
18-Brad Guzan
21-Jonathan Spector

Three changes to the lineup that started against Brazil, with Charlie Davies and Brad Guzan getting their first starts of the tournament while Ricardo Clark returns to the lineup. Donovan makes his 113th appearance and passes Reyna for fourth on the all-time list behind Balboa (128), Agoos (134) and Jones (164).


Bobby said...

I like the lineup but dempsey needs a rest and it should have been torres starting

Ilya said...

No Adu, no Torres. Well, another stupid game.
Bob Bradley! When you leave us?!!

Jay said...

Same story, different game.

Asking for huge changes to the lineup AND expected a positive result isn't exactly fair.

But I'd rather a new lineup with Adu and Torres in and a questionable game than another questionable game with the other guys.

None of this is really getting me excited for SA10.

kebzach said...

What will people use an excuse when it's proven that Torres and Adu aren't the next comings of Pele and Beckenbauer?

frank fuentes said...

And we continue with the same line up. This tournament is over for us, why not give a chance to the other players???? This is going to be another ridiculous performance, I am fed up with this. How are the other young players (adu, torres) going to get experience if you deny them the opportunity?

Anonymous said...

With Bradley as coach, I'm seeing a repeat of 06 and 98.

Roland said...

Wow...we need as many goals as we can get and we have Clark starting? NO ADU AND NO TORRES?!

2-0 win for Egypt.

psc230 said...

it's nice seeing altidore and davies, but there's no one in midfield to create for them. Dempsey doesn't deserve to start. BB still doesn't have a clue and won't get a result in this game.

Christopher said...

Here we go again. Bradley picks the WRONG people!

Anonymous said...

What a joke...Bob FIRED now no Torres no Adu. I do like that Davies is starting however Dempsey has looked almost as fail as Beasley.Terrible line up from a mediocre coach

vicky said...

Is this the lineup that will put 3 goals past Egypt?

And if we have resigned to our fate (which was obvious to many USMNT followers before the tournament), shouldn't other be given chances?

Persisting with the same horrid tactical ideas shows our severe lack imagination. But that's not a news. What's becoming increasingly apparent that no one (neither media nor USSF) is putting any sort of pressure on Bob.

Jay said...

---What will people use an excuse when it's proven that Torres and Adu aren't the next comings of Pele and Beckenbauer?---

Nobody is expecting that. But those two should be in the mix next year and sitting on the bench while the veterans fumble around on the pitch isn't going to help them. They need to be out there and if we struggle with their inexperience, fine. At least they are learning and growing. What is Dempsey getting from playing? At least Beasley isn't out there.

I'm not hoping Adu and Torres turn out to be the next "Pele and Beckenbauer" I'd settle for the next Reyna, Pope, Jones, Lalas, Harkes...that would be an improvement.

The skill of today's team is far better than that of the teams in the past. The TEAM of the past was far better than that of the team today.

Jay said...

It is halftime now...this is a lot better. But Donovan needs to take a more aggressive role and SHOOT! Dempsey continues to struggle. He is better than this and looks like he needs some time off! We are already a lot closer to making up the goal differential than anybody would have expected.

Roland said...

Make no mistake about it. We got lucky today. My criticism of Bradley still stands, but I am so PROUD of our guys today. We looked confident today, and that made all the difference.

I'm sure I wasn't the only one praying before and during the match that we advance! Looks like it worked out!

Great job guys!!!!
Let's have that same confidence against Spain!

KO said...

I am proud to say, go U.S.A.

For those of the rest of you that said "no chance" or "we are group doormats".... Let's hear what you have to say now.

I am sure you will still find fault. And I am sure that some of the criticism is well-deserved. Dempsey, although scoring the 3rd goal, still looked tired.

But for those of us that continued supporting our team even when we disagreed with tactics/hustle/technical ability, we will enjoy this win.

GO U.S.A.!

Krista said...

Congrats to the team. So proud of all the guys.

PeteBryan said...

Crow tastes delicious.


AdamTheRed said...

Holy POOP!


vicky said...

Proud of the lads, massive win. However, the criticism of the team selection still stands.

kebzach said...

Vicky, please learn how to stop posting on the internet. They won, depsite the fact that your preferred lineup wasn't chosen. Take it as a lesson that you don't know as much as you think that you do.

kevcamp said...

Hey, football is 1/3 skill, 1/3 preparation and 1/3 luck. Today we had the skill and the preparation and then finally the luck. And we deserved to win. Well done!

gkinmd said...

Dempsey was wretched and was just the recipient of a brilliant ball into the box. Conor Caseys substitution was a waste, and Feilhaber was subbed for the wrong person. A dominate(and finally inspired) performance over an underperforming egypt doesn't make everything better. Was this a step in the right direction on some of the players behalf? Yes. Are there still glaring holes that will cause us to be first round ducks in SA10? Yes.

I enjoyed this game very much, but exactly what I said will happen if we win is happening. All will be forgiven, until we're eliminated in the first round of SA10.

vicky said...

kebzach, sorry if your feelings were hurt, you will just have to toughen up.

Today's win was massive. Donovan, Bradley, Gooch (BTW this cup rose his stock considerably), Spector and Demerit played brilliantly but that doesn't condone Bob's tactical failure of the last 5 games.

Julio said...

Good things…
1. Congrats to the team for the win. Well done!!!

2. Extra congrats for finishing the game with 11 players

3. Finally, we work harder to get the split balls. Davis: Thank you for showing to some players of the team that if you fight for the ball you will get it. (Because since after the game against El Salvador we haven’t see that attitude very often)

4. The starting lineup was good. B. Bradley did a good job on the selection. However, I have to say that I am still not sure if he is the right coach for the team, but today he got us the win.

5. Brazil: Thank you for scoring 3 goals to Italy.

Not so Good things…

1. We still leave too many spaces open when we do not have the ball.

2. We still give too much room to the opponents to run, look, and make the play.

3. Has Dempsey being playing in the wrong position? Because, each time that he loses the ball in the midfield he never chases back and puts the defense in very difficult situations.

4. The US teams should not wait to reach the bottom to show some hart...