Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Show Has Begun

South African national broadcaster SABC has broadcast two hours of live coverage prior to the start of Opening Ceremonies. Everything from stadium profiles, traffic sign education (they created hundreds of new ones for the tournament), weather updates (it's absolutely perfect at the moment), cultural history, music videos and fan activities in the host cities.

Fans were already in line when the gates opened four hours before kickoff, armed with vuvuzelas, a South African horn instrument that is a staple of football fans here. There is no doubt that the pride of South Africa is on display today.


Hungry Dave said...

I watched the opening matches today and the vuvuzelas were awful. That is some of the worst atmosphere I have ever heard. I hope they ban them for the World Cup.

Giants Stadium used to have the same thing and they called them plastic horns. They sounded terrible there too.

Jonathan deShetler said...

I totally agree. People are going to flip past the games when they fear that they are being attacked by a swarm of bees!