Thursday, June 18, 2009

Still Alive in the Tournament

With Egypt's 1-0 win against Italy tonight, the U.S. is still in contention to advance in the tournament. The U.S. would need a three-goal victory against Egypt, combined with Italy losing by at least three goals or the U.S. and Brazil's combined margin of victory on Sunday must be seven goals or greater.

As it currently stands, Brazil leads Group B with six points, Italy and Egypt are on three each, and the U.S. is in fourth place.

Bottom line, the U.S. still has a role to play in this group.


agressively passive said...

Give me a break. Never going to happen.

Josh said...

We have better jokes then BB has lines ups/tactics at least...

dallen said...


Sure, I guess they have a role. Cannon fodder for Egypt. Especially now that they have something to play for.

aquagirl:) said...


AdamTheRed said...

A three goal victory against Egypt? Not in this tournament.

Also... when is the last time Italia gave up 4 goals with an A team...probably 1925.

Time for deep reflection.

Supertoe said...

I guess even group doormat is still a role, woohoo!!!!!!!

Christopher said...

HA HA!! Alive just enough for Egypt to rip through the horrible 'tactics' of Mr. Bob Bradley.

Ryan said...

Unfortunately it will be Egypt beating us by 3 goals or more.

Kasey said...

I want a damn press conference from Bob. He needs to address the criticisms from the whole of the American soccer supporters. He knows he made a terrible mistake today.

morebeyond558 said...

Will anything change if Egypt beats us too?

psc230 said...

this is the worst possible situation. it would be better if we were already eliminated simply because bradley would probably let adu and torres play togeter. now we'll get more ineffective play from our regulars.

Roland said...

I don't understand the arguments coming from the pro-Bob people(both of them).

I thought the purpose of this tournament was to test our guys??? Why then have Torres and Adu not gotten a shot?

We already know what Donovan and Dempsey can do. Yet, we don't see any time for other attacking mids aside from an out of form Beasley. Even Feilhaber, who has barely played this season, gets to play twice. Don't get me wrong, I love Benny's play, but you've got to think he'd be tired after going full 90 just 3 days ago...again, an opportunity to play Adu or Torres.

Since we've got to score as many goals as possible against Egypt, let's go all out for the win. Screw worrying about giving up goals. Let's go 343.


mcadaal said...

Someone needs to light a fire under Beasley and Dempsey. To say "ho hum we couldn't beat goliath" or "we needed to play a perfect game" is garbage. Beasley and Dempsey are supposed to be professional and they are nervous and tentative? Come on man, I've been defending you guys and this is all you've got to say. Play with some sense of urgency and leave your heart on the field, not in the locker room.

MadMexican said...

Can we start a petition and send it to someone?

zander said...

I may be the only one but I say go for it. Give the boys a shout and tell them to bring it!

Mister Zero said...

Can we go home early if we ask nicely?

whodini1903 said...

the US needs to play stronger and be more efficient with the ball..clint dempsey needs to stop flopping around like a fish out of water...until the team focuses on strenght and URBAN youth development..they don't stand a chance on the world stage....did anyone see the south africa v. NZ game..SA played brilliant football with less heralded players the US needs to take a page fro the S. Africans and play efficiently...& get a brazilian

whodini1903 said...

clint dempsey needs to stop flopping around like a fish out of water...

bump_bailey said...

LOL That's as funny as Bob trotting out Beasely and Kljestain this morning. And almost as funny as Dempsey's audition for the And 1 mix tape in the last 20 minutes. GMAFB

shubbz said...

I still have hope! I had just been thinking about what we needed in order to make it to the next round, when I read this post. I know these have not been great games but we are playing against world class teams and at least the guys are gaining valuable experience for the world cup next year, in which Im sure we will do better. Go US!!!

agressively passive said...

Here's another thought. Reading through the post game press conference quotes, they are all about spin control. None of them are will to really place blame on themselves or the coach. It would be nice to see a them call out one another or the coach or something. Show us a bit of passion. That this really truly means something to you.

For example, I also noticed only Howard and DeMerit bothered to sing the words to the national anthem today. Where's the pride?

jakob said...


byrankoehaler said...

what a joke...what a joke...

whats more of a joke is the american press (soccer press, if there is such a thing). Bob has it made, because no one in America is going to criticize him or call for a change in leadership...he can keep being Bob and do what he wants, while the american sports media continues to spell out s-o-c-c-e-r and talk to the public like soccer is something new and like we can't figure it out if we just watch it unfold...

The sad thing is that Bob has effed up our player pool and national team so much that even if he were sacked and we got someone outside to run it (not like anyone would want it because...) there's very little possibility for us to seriously contend in just another 4 years...not gonna happen.

it's a disgrace, yeah, we did horrible in 2006, but for the good 8 years or so before that the United States played with passion and vigor and never say die attitude. They stepped on the field to win a game, not like a bunch of restrained, uncreative, lifeless "team" that we see out there now...If we can't contend now, we wont contend next summer...

Erik said...

Tough day but you're still our boys.

Give 'em hell.


KO said...


Italy doesn't need to give up 4 goals. They need to give up 3. And that last happened in Euro 2008 qualifying, when they were beat 3-0 by the Netherlands in Berne, Switzerland on June 9, 2008 (just a little over a year ago).

And no, the United States is not the Netherlands. And I don't think, given their form right now, that the U.S. will beat Egypt 3-0, while Italy loses to Brazil 3-0.

BUT, Brazil needs to play Italy tough, because they can still be eliminated with an Egypt win and and a loss to Italy. And the Americans have something to prove. Will they prove it? I don't know. Can they? You bet.

Criticize where you need to criticize, ladies and gentleman--the team and the coaches deserve to get roughed up. I think there have been a lot of mistakes, too (on all levels). Tactically, technically, it hasn't been pretty. The players admit it, although the coach seems to be missing something.

But it is time to start backing your team after the criticism. "Cannon fodder for Egypt"? Dallen, even assuming you have been to a U.S. game before, don't come anywhere near me when I am standing with Sam's Army. We may hate the team's form for the past several games, but we still go into every game believing that we can win and that things can turn around.

Call me optimistic. Call me unrealistic. Call me crazy. But at least I get to call myself a real fan.

Ann said...

Bradley needs to show us that he will take a chance as a coach and start a line up similar to what ROLAND suggested. Unfortunately, it will never happen and we are on teh road to another dismal showing at the WC. BB is way over his head. Our passive defense and boot ball offense is all coaching, plain and simple. We may not have the best talent in the world, but we are not waht we were 15 years ago and those boys won on tactics and heart. just think, it was not that many years ago we came a pinch shy of playng in the world cup seim-s when we outplayed a german side that went to the final

cfmsd said...

Lets be honest we are not a worldwide top 20 team. Lets not get our expectations up on how good we think we are. We are not int he cats as Brazil, Spain but closer to Angola, Ivory Coast etc. We have no leadership (except when Hedjuk is there)and that alone works in less than 1/2 the cases. Egypt will wipe us up if they play like they did against Italy. We are a subpar team with a subpar coach. Altidore is clueless (I like him but he is just not that good) Dempsey waaaay overated (a badboy that doesn't produce) Our defense isn't that good either. I do think Jermaine Jones will help but we will need to overhaul. Torres is much better than Altidore. I am so fricking frustrated with this team and our poor results, can't finish a goal during play, only on set pieces. Can't defend on Set Pieces...on and on. said...

it's clear fans are upset, frustrated by the poor showing the U.S. has had in this tournament. Can we please get something from the USSF about this? At least acknowledge it? Some are calling for Bob Bradley to be fired and this should at least be considered. This is unacceptable and we deserve a better product on the field!

Mike said...

Terrible performance yesterday.

Why didn't Bob use his final sub in the last 30 minutes?

AdamTheRed said...

USSF is a poor organization that lacks competent communication, they are beholden to group think and that WILL NOT make hard decisions because the US sports press does not care.

Bob will continue to manage and Gulati cares more about the World Cup being staged than the quality of the national team.


Jeff said...

This team should be embarrassed of themselves. There is NO way we deserve to advance in this tournament. We have shown that we are by far the weakest team! Bradley should be fired on Monday!

mlipin said...

Any true fan of the US team would keep cheering them on no matter how disappointed you were about their latest loss. And you'd back them even more knowing they still have a chance to advance in a tournament, even with long odds. Nothing's impossible. Stranger things have happened in the world of soccer (like Egypt beating world champions Italy, for example). GO USA! Let's give Egypt a thrashing on Sunday!

murman567 said...

The glass is always half full... the problem is B Bradley still can't coach, put out a decent lineup, instill confidence, passion, at this level... maybe not even MLS level. IT is hard to watch this joke of a team the past several games!!!

Chris said...

I'm sorry but I can be a great fan and still criticize the team I cheer for. Those of you claiming that people are bad fans for questioning Bradley and USSF need to give it a rest.

I can speak only for myself; however, I've been to MANY USMNT games and I've followed them for the majority of the 25 years I've been kicking. This current team is not representative at all of where we've come as a program nor displays any of the gritty characteristics that defined American soccer for so long.

Don't you dare challenge my (or anyone else's) fandom simply because you're content with mediocrity. The players who we cheer for and who have committed their lives to this game and representing the USA deserve better.

I more than anything want to see our boys play well against Egypt but I - along with many others - would also like to see change that is clearly needed.

Johnathan said...

spector gooch boca johnny b
dempsey landon
adu jozy

Daniel E. said...

I'm sad because to me, the difference in class between our players and the Brazilians and Italians was obvious… maybe Torres (the only US player except Tim who plays for a high quality team) and Adu (where are you Freddy, what happened to you? we had so much hope…) would improve our technical level but let’s not fool ourselves, it’s a long way to go... Except Landon, Freddy and Benny almost all our players have problems controlling the ball. They can’t pass (see Bradley at the 1st Brazil goal), they can’t stop the ball (Beasley at the 2nd) and generally speaking, they always play the ball in the ‘zone’, almost never to the man. When they have a good technical level, because of lack of play and training, they can’t take fast decisions, like Freddy who missed a clear chance against Italy and did not know what to do with the ball… I can continue in this way for another hour… but I think you got the idea. Let’s hope that in another 5 years we will produce better players and, who knows, we’d beat the top tier teams as well, not only the ‘local’ concacaf teams.

KO said...

"Those of you claiming that people are bad fans for questioning Bradley and USSF need to give it a rest."

Go back and read my post. I didn't say that, did I? In FACT, what I said was:

1)"Criticize where you need to criticize, ladies and gentleman--the team and the coaches deserve to get roughed up."


2) "But it is time to start backing your team after the criticism."

Not sure how you could read into that that I am "content with mediocrity." In fact you can't. It's just getting old how fans are saying:

1) "Give me a break. Never going to happen."
2) "Sure, I guess they have a role. Cannon fodder for Egypt."
3) "I guess even group doormat is still a role"
4) "Unfortunately it will be Egypt beating us by 3 goals or more."
5) "it would be better if we were already eliminated"

Do you see the problem with these comments versus valid, constructive criticism, which you offered? Now I don't agree that after losses to Italy and Brazil that all is lost, but at least your post had substance. I DO agree that "[t]he players who we cheer for and who have committed their lives to this game and representing the USA deserve better."

AMEN, brother. But for those who are doing the "no way, no how" bit? It's classless.

Chris said...


I wasn't posting in exclusive response to you. I was universally reacting to a collective set of posts and, therefore, some of the things I said were not directed to you.

Just to clear that up.


KO said...

Fair enough, Chris. Then you and I are on the exact same page.

GO U.S.A.!

MadMexican said...

There is no sense of urgency and as a coach myself i like to judge my athletes performace on the field by a quote I love: "if you are not coaching it, you are accepting it". Bob bradley accepts the mediocre play. The dragging on the field, and we need change.

gkinmd said...

Only in American soccer could we field a team like this and have people claim to be "real fans" and "optimists" because everyone is being too harsh on "our boys." The word you're looking for is "apologist" and it's quite rampant in US soccer.

How can you expect the team to have any heart when the spineless Landon Donovan, who has a track record of disappearing in difficult games is the captain? Don't worry though, when they're down late in a game and get a cheap goal/penalty kick goal, he'll be there to rush into the goal, grab the ball and scamper back to midfield like it means something.

How can you expect any decent attack to be built when theres the black hole known as Dempsey looking to receive a quality pass, dribble into 5 defenders aimlessly, then flounder on the ground after he's dispossesed?

What's happened to our defense? The one thing American soccer fans could always count on was strong defense and strong goalkeeping. Howard has kept our goalkeeping tradition alive, but our back line is disorganized and generally pathetic.

And then coaching, my my the coaching. What's left to be said, other than typical American soccer attitude. If this was an American Football, Basketball, Gymnastics, or even Hockey team, Bradley would be gone long ago.

It's said the definition of insanity is to do the same thing repeatedly, expecting different results, and that is exactly what our US Soccer program has been doing for a long time now. As a true fan, I hope we get blown out by Egypt. I almost hope we somehow manage to not qualify for the World Cup. It breaks my heart to say that, but i'm afraid thats the only thing that will lead to a shakeup of the national team structure.

KO said...


Sadly, you are mistaken. Let's take this line by line, huh?

1) Only in American soccer could we field a team like this and have people claim to be "real fans" and "optimists" because everyone is being too harsh on "our boys." The word you're looking for is "apologist" and it's quite rampant in US soccer.

Can you please point out where I said people were being to harsh? I don't see that anywhere. You have jumped to conclusions that I simply did not make. Second, and "apologist" makes excuses for the team's performance. I did no such thing. Instead, I said that we as fans have the right to criticize our team's play and decisions. But to go all-out pessimism and predict losses is, as I mentioned before, classless. Are you a critical fan? Or are you classless?

2)"How can you expect the team to have any heart when the spineless Landon Donovan, who has a track record of disappearing in difficult games is the captain?"

And yet, despite not being a captain for many games now, Donovan has done no such thing in the past two games. In fact, if anything, he has led by example. And he has shown heart. Maybe you missed the games.

And finally, the comment that I TRULY have a problem with:

3)"As a true fan, I hope we get blown out by Egypt. I almost hope we somehow manage to not qualify for the World Cup."

You are not a true fan if you wish that. I doubt any of the players would read the comments on this thread--they have better things to do. But if you were a player, what kind of perception would you have of a "true fan" that says that kind of thing? Sure, players recognize constructive criticism, and might even acknowledge the criticism that has been levied here and elsewhere in the last couple of days. But to wish they would lose?

C'mon man. That attitude is what is wrong with American soccer.

usa29 said...

I love US soccer, but their level of play is so disappointing. I think the US women would kill them in a game. At least the women have heart. I can't believe how many players were out there walking during that Brazil match. At one point, we had a ball near the corner and none of our forwards ran forward and the lone player with the ball lost it. Seriously, what kind of play is that? Our midfield couldn't win a ball if their lives depended on it. Why was our defense watching a cross in front of our goal leaving the Brazilian open on the far post? C'mon Bradley, either fire up the team or fire some players. Get some guys out there that are inspired to play for their country. Let's get rid of our lazy, ego driven players that won't run after a ball!! Let's get these guys ready for next year! Get your head and your heart into the game. I'll be watching the game against Egypt and I hope we see some changes.

Chris said...


It always surprises me when people criticize LD. Let's be fair and objective, LD has been one of the very few consistent offensive presences for the USA in the past 3 games. He may no longer beat defenders as well as he once did but his relentlessness has provided much-needed offensive pressure and drawn fouls. Besides, who else has done more in the attack?

LD was one of the USA's brightest lights on the world's biggest stage (WC 2002) so let's stop acting like he's never produced against legit teams. Honestly, he hasn't been as productive of late....but neither has the rest of our team. Perhaps he isn't the best option for the USA moving forward but he is certainly one of the few working to retain his starting position at this point.

I really believe - beyond blind optimism - that LD would be MUCH more productive were he to be in a lineup that was more offensively balanced - which he needs. In 02, the ball was fed to him into space which allowed him to take on his defenders. Now, given our mid problems, we expect him to receive the ball in the mid, dribble it to the attacking third, and THEN set up a deadly attacking play. That's just not what he should be doing every offensive possession.

I have to agree with you that Dempsey should be taken out of the lineup until he can show some discipline regarding his unnecessary flair and focus just on the fundamentals of reliable passing soccer. I am all about flair and risk taking...when it produces. For Dempsey of late, it hasn't and he's actually contributed directly to at least one recent goal. In all honestly, I don't think he's been that great for the USA generally and I hope they use this opportunity to look at some permanent replacements considering we have several great mid options (Torres, Adu, etc).

I think most of us agree that coaching should change but hopefully you will still pull for the USA tomorrow against Egypt. I appreciate you're frustrated - we all are - but support your team with the hopes that the right changes will be made. Our players deserve support during a time that is considerably more difficult for them than for us fans - it's not like they're unaware of or content with the way they're playing.

Enough with the "typical American soccer" mess. This is the first time I have ever witnessed this much outcry - on US Soccer blogs, ESPN, etc - by fans for a non-WC tournament. That should mean something to you. When the public starts to care - more changes will be made.

In the meantime, support our boys. You make some well-taken points but don't throw US Soccer under the bus - at least not the players.

gkinmd said...

I don't think you guys understand why i say i hope they get blown out. It's not because I have ill feelings towards the players, it really hurts to say it. I say it because I fear that will be the only thing that wakes up the powers that be in US soccer. I watch every game, and it crushes my soul every game to see what our national team has become. Sometime you have to get punched in the mouth before you realize the error of your plan.


I'm not saying Donovan cannot be a quality producer for our team. The problem is, he's just not a leader, and he really doesn't have much heart.
The worst thing he did was leave Germany to come back and play here. Which brings up the whole MLS debacle. If you watch our game, we've developed a central american type of play, which involves little cohesive play, misdirected individual effort, and a lot of time spent with a hand in the air crying for a free kick rather than grinding.

We've never been the best in the world, but Harkes, Agoos, pope, etc would never be out worked. Someone has to start holding people accountable.

AdamTheRed said...

USSF are so clueless even if we lose nothing will change until...

A) We do not qualify for the World Cup (A USELESS measurement since we play in CONCACAF and a trained monkey could qualify)


B) We go 3 and out in 2010 (A near certainty if changes are not made)

So there you have it, just prepare yourselves for disappointment for the next year or so!

But for cannot abandon the are stuck with your national side no matter what!



Gianfranco said...

"Never going to happen." I can't wait to watch the real soccer games that were supposed to be played today. B-)