Monday, June 22, 2009

Programming Change!

The U.S. MNT vs. Spain has been switched from Telefutura to Univision, so be sure to update your DVR settings accordingly! The game is also still live on ESPN, so no change there.

Here is the complete info on the Spanish-language broadcast:

Univision - Spain vs. USA
FIFA Confederations Cup - Semifinal
Wednesday June 24
LIVE: 2:25p - 4:30p ET
REPLAY: 11:25a - 1:30p PT

TeleFutura - Brazil vs. South Africa
FIFA Confederations Cup - Semifinal
Thursday June 25
2:25p - 4:30p ET
11:25a - 1:30p PT


Shmails said...

Does that mean that ESPN is not showing the game? USA against Spain is not worth bumping an afternoon of espnews? What a worthless network for soccer! The on air employees would rather giggle about how little they know about the world's game and mispronounce every name instead of putting in a little time to know what they talk about. Please end your relationship with the network that laughs at the USSF behind closed doors!

I will be brushing up on my spanish for Wednesday, Go USA!!!

morebeyond558 said...

This is a BIG game coming up. Time to eat some pescaĆ­to frito or some Castilian soup for prep. Keep FIGHTING hard (and clean)! Never Die!

Is it possible to see some celebration videos of USA right after the game? Thank you in advance. USA!

TCamp13 said...

espn is still showing the game they are a joke though when it comes to showing any type of soccer, whether it is MLS, World Cup Qualifying, UFEA Cup or Confederations Cup. when they start to take sports other then golf, basketball, football and baseball seriously then America can start to produce a real soccer power.

AdamTheRed said...

@ TCamp13,

Shut up, they just bought the rights to La Liga...and trying for EPL.

The reason they are so lackluster with MLS is because the ratings blow.

DID YOU SEE EURO 2008?!?!?!

Nuff said.

Shmails said...

TCamp13 - yea, I saw that after my post. The focus of my post stands though, If world class Soccer was given the same respect as college basketball, the sport would get the exposure it deserves!

AdamtheRed - I think you are the one who should re-evaluate your position. The only reason for ESPN's interest in La Liga, EPL, Euros, etc. is they are trying to keep it from FSC, a true soccer channel where the announcers are passionate about their teams and countries. The rating for MLS are so low because ESPN shows one game, on Thursday night at 10 pm est, and it is almost never the best game of the week. How would they know who is fun to watch? You have to actually view the games to know.

Oh, and telling someone to shut up on the web is like telling them to wash their hands while swimming, useless!

Jason Gatties said...

ESPN has the game.

Learn to read.

Shmails said...

Jason - I will learn to read....Spanish. I would rather listen to a passionate announcer I do not understand than the zombies that ESPN employs. John Harkes does not want to offend his friends, so he never says anything of value.

Btw - The blog entry said nothing about ESPN until after my post, but thanks for your wonderful advice!

AdamTheRed said...


No time to re-evaluate my position, I have to head to pool with a bar of Lava.

Also, I am a huge soccer fan, but ESPN is a business and soccer doesn't sell like other sports in America, it's a niche market...aside from the World Cup (annnnnnd SUM forced MLS into the World Cup deal). That said, its MUCH better than 20 years ago.

Constantly beating up ESPN over soccer is tiresome.

Andrew said...

Um, the "replay" is the same time as the game. Will there actually be a replay?