Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Spain Pre-game Press -- Cliff Notes Version

You don't become the No. 1-ranked team in the world without doing your homework, and you can be sure Spanish coach Vicente Del Bosque is reminding his team about last year's match. While we can't be sure of what he's telling his charges, Spanish press seems to have their own ideas about how to beat us. With links to the articles (so that those of you, like Jozy, can use your Spanish), here's what's being said about tomorrow's match:

Headline: Del Bosque: 'U.S. is playing without pressure and that makes them dangerous'
Last quote of the article: "I'm not saying that they won't put us in some tight spots. They've lost two games in which they played a man down, and even so, they made Italy suffer. But when they played with eleven and had their full team, they routed Egypt."

Headline: Sergio Ramos: 'Spain Deserves an Important Final'
Fourth paragraph: "The gaffer made sure to show us video of our rival. This morning we have been getting to know the United States very well. On corners and dead balls, they have big players that can create a lot of danger. We’ll try to counteract their importance."

MARCA.com (A sports daily that is Spain's most widely-read periodical)
Headline: The Secrets of the 'Darkhorse' of the Confederations Cup
Second to last paragraph: "In terms of their weak points, there are a definite few and Del Bosque already has them in mind. The defensive level of the North Americans is pretty fragile. The central defensive pair leaves much to be desired and is pretty slow, something that the Torres-Villa duo can take advantage of. Set pieces are not their strength either, something that Spain has improved upon lately thanks to their strategic play."

Third to last paragraph: "[Spain] will have to be cautious of the U.S. counterattacks and Bradley's late runs into the box. Also, they will have to be wary of the possible forward runs from Spector on the widths. The West Ham defender has a strong offensive mindset."


Geoff S. said...

Nice to read articles showing respect for the US team. Game should be hard-fought, and I'm looking forward to it. I had a dream that the US surprised both Spain and the rest of the world winning 6-0. Wishful thinking or premonition? Hopefully the latter!

Andrew said...

I wonder if Marca's evaluation of our threats is based entirely on the last three games, though. Most of us don't think of Spector as especially attack-minded, and we've generally thought of set pieces as one of our few strengths. Then again, they've probably seen a lot more of Bradley than his play for the USMNT, because those late runs have been his trademark in club play much more than with the national team.

Clara said...

Geoff I'm afraid is a thinking , but nothing to do with the reality. Sorry.
Have you seen te last few games that Spain had played? They are terrific, scary even. Nobody had scored a single goal against them in the last 10 games or so.And you say US will score 6? Uff. The only team who did something was ITALY. And how they did it? Faults all the time. They were not playing the ball, they just wanted to stop the players. And even with those "tactics" they cuoldn´t beat Spain.
They will have to do something really, really special. Magical. But Spain is right now the N1 in the World. Why? They are technically the best, fast, strong, play well under pressure ,very tactical and they are a team. BeAT THAT!