Monday, June 15, 2009

Starting XI vs. Italy

Here are the USA's selections for tonight's starting XI against Italy:

Jozy Altidore
Jonathan Bornstein
Michael Bradley
Ricardo Clark
Jay DeMerit
Clint Dempsey
Landon Donovan - captain
Benny Feilhaber
Tim Howard
Oguchi Onyewu
Jonathan Spector

  • All 23 players are allowed to dress and be available for selection
  • The U.S. will be wearing an all-white strip
  • Italy will dress in special kit for the tournament, wearing blue-brown-brown
  • The referee tonight is Pablo Pozo from Chile. At 36 years old, he is the youngest referee in the tournament


kevcamp said...

Going with DeMerit, huh? We'll see. A fast lineup. Go USA!!!

Roland said...

Alright Benny's on the starting lineup!

Hopefully Adu and/or Torres will get a sniff as well...maybe for Dempsey/Donovan, or for one of the DMs if we're down late in the 2nd half.

Joseph said...

is there a starting lineup for italy

Insurancepro said...

I hope none shook Rossi's hand. I find his celebration of a goal a disgrace!

Roland said...

Bob's performance was HORRIBLE!

The starting lineups and tactics were good...I'll give him that.

But first of all, Bob didn't prepare the team defensively before the tournament. His over reliance on Bornstein and Pearce on the left and Bocanegra and Gooch in the center proves disastrous for us. We could have tried Bocanegra on the left before hand and tried some other guys at CB because you know day either Gooch or Bocanegra are going to get hurt and we'll need someone that could step up immediately.

Then we're down a man for half the first half, and there's NO ADJUSTMENT until much later in the 2nd half! As much as I like Benny, he just wasn't producing for us today, and he's not 100% yet. He would be the OBVIOUS sub out. We needed a fresh midfielder to keep pressure on Rossi and Pirlo...and he subs in DAVIES AND BEASLEY?

Are you freakin kidding me, BOB. We need new ideas in the coaching department. I hope this tournament serves as a wake up call for Gulati.

Rosie said...

that ref is stupid. I wonder how much the italians bought him for? Regardless I think the MNT did a great job today; too bad that traitor had to score :/

I was honestly hoping that Ricardo would kick the crap outta that ref. :]

bford said...

Well.. young Pablo, killed the US with his horrendous red card of Ricardo Clark.

It was a yellow, plain and simple.. heck in the EPL or MLS it might just have been given a free kick at the spot of the foul. TERRIBLE.

Kristy said...

Just wanted to say that I was impressed by everyone's performance today! Of course there were a few mistakes that ended up being costly, but overwhelmingly the plays were fantastic. I really hope none of the guys are beating themselves up too much, because it was a great effort. ...So much energy & players (that I would never have expected) taking the initiative to make plays. & This is all coming from a total pessimist. :)

Leonardo said...

Where's Torres?

AASupport1 said...

Landon played above expectations. Thought the men did well, question the substitutions, and the lack there of in certain positions. Considering we looked tired in the middle of the pitch was wondering why a move to correct was not made - at least after the first goal?

Christopher said...

Great Job team, holding up as long as you did. The Referee sucked! ! ! What he did not call for Donovan in the penalty area with Italy all over his back, he gives to Italy only minutes later when they were clearly out jumped on the header by the US. Red card! Are you kidding me, politics! ! The young stupid Refree clearly favored the Azurri. Purposely, it seems put the US down a man. Great effort. Some mistakes in the Coaching, but, the team has the players to be World Champions this year. Italy just needed help and got it in the Referee, otherwise, they would not have been able to hold off the US. The US needs to stop playing Mister Nice Guy and dawn the "Good Guys Wear Black" attitude, as no one is going to allow us to win, unless we take it, and take it away in an UGLY! ! ! way. We have to be the bad guys, as everyone hates us for being us, the best Damn Country in the World! ! ! and do not want to give us this too! ! ! We will get there. Coaching did not set up the best line up. Torres gels so much better with the guys than Bradley. I really do think we need a coaching change as the little mistakes in it, are costing games. It is the little things turn a team from Regional Winners to World Champions. Good effort guys, good effort. (Applause - Applause - Applause)

Jeff said...

I think this was an excellent lineup... if only Pozo the clown had allowed everyone to stay on the field.

the1nOnly said...

you know who would of looked good in the line up today.... Jermaine Jones

dan macke said...

Bob Bradley needs to look at 3 things:
1. Need to instill a killer instinct....
2. Quick teaching players to depend on the penalty....
3. Take players out at the right times.

1. -- US looks often like Orlando did against the lakers, they do not have the killer instinct to put the game away. This is something the coach must instill. Play to get every ball.

2. -- US did a good job in the beginning and after Clark's red card, probably too harsh, but as you see with Altidore's taking it into the box, they are not looking to finish... Jozy was looking for the foul, and given the number of pk's that donovan has scored as a percentage of his goals, this is a systemic issue. Pks are good, but you need to teach players to stay on their feet and battle for finishing the play, dempsey has this issue, beasley too, landon lesser, but no need to teach altidore the same failing habit.

3. -- Altidore was tired long before being pulled. It was obvious and he should have been pulled. Bob Bradley may b e wanting to use these games as conditioning, but you are conditioning bad habits by leaving players in and letting them be too relaxed, if they are on the field, they need to go after the ball... btw Jozy needs practice perfecting his touch on receiving the pass, he hits it too hard and this is a common US issue.