Monday, June 22, 2009

Post-Game Reaction

Read what the U.S. team had to say following the stunning 3-0 victory against Egypt.

And as a bonus, here's a bit from the La Gazzetta Dello Sport, otherwise known as 'the pink bible' in Italy because of the color of its paper and the wide circulation:

"The USA scored once, then twice more to put us back in the running. All we needed was one little goal to go through. We go home from the Confederations Cup with our heads down, crushed by Brazil. The USA displayed vivacious and tactically wise soccer, scoring three goals and wasting at least three others. Donovan was uncontainable, the heroic efforts of El Hadary in goal were not enough."


squarewheel said...

Question: Should the arm block on Altidore's shot have been a PK. Some in press say yes, but same thing happened against Germany in the WC, with same result. Is the rule clear on this point? It did appear to be entirely inadvertent, yet the arm blocked the shot from going in....

agressively passive said...

I can't find any quotes anywhere on why Guzan started in place of Howard. Was it just to give Guzan a start or did Howard get nicked up at somepoint?

Bone Daddy Sammer said...

Today the newpaper here in Pretoria said "Azzurri Crash Out Confed Cup". It was a night to remember.

Plus, the Super Sport Channel here has been replaying both games from last night over and over. It is wonderful to watch each time.

We are even on the TV. They have been showing us in the stands from the Brasil game as part of the highlights, priceless.

This morning we thanked the Brasilian fams in our hotel for last night's thrashing of the Azzurri. They said "See you in the finals." I like to believe they really didn't mean it cause the US just might surpise them too.

Daisy Chick said...

and to add to that......

Anyway, his son Michael expressed more than enough emotion for the whole family, and for the whole team. "At the end of the night you walk into the locker room and to be able experience the feeling you have with your teammates, your coaches, with the trainers, that's why you play," the midfielder said. "To do something special like that, where everything is against you, everybody wants to say how bad you are, everybody wants to write you off, to leave all that bull s--- outside the locker room and just be committed to the team, to leave everything on the field, to run for each other, to fight for each other, that's what we did."

The younger Bradley's voice brimmed with emotion as he talked about the significance not of the victory, but of the effort. It was a direct kick at the critics who'd said the team lacked fire. "We played with 11 guys for 90 minutes," Michael Bradley said. "All the f------ experts in America, everybody who thinks they know about soccer, they can all look at the score tonight and let's see what they have to say now. Nobody has any respect for what we do, for what goes on on the inside, so let them all talk now."

Somebody started a question, telling him that nobody thought the U.S. could advance. "That's clear, nobody thought," he said. "We didn't for one second feel sorry for ourselves. We didn't give up. We kept running, we kept fighting, and we did the same thing tonight. Guys get ready for the game, guys believe in one another. Guys are ready for 90 minutes to go out and run and fight and give everything they have for the next guy."

hmmmmmm....where are all the haters at???

shoegirl11 said...

can we get any confirmation of Gooch's move to Fenerbahce??

Caleb said...

Hey is there anyway the MNT Blog can get us some inside info on whether Gooch signed with Fenerbahce?

Joe said...

baaaaaa baaaaaaa baaaaaaaa....if you honestly think Bob Bradley should be coaching this team Daisy Chick good for you...plenty of sheep for you to be with.

byrankoehaler said...

@daisy chick:

where did you get that quote?

and yeah...Bob isn't yet out of the dog house. But quotes like that from players like Michael give me hope that some of the players still have the fighting edge, if not all.

However, that doesn't necessarily mean that Bob is the one instilling that in the players. You have to be fighting consistently day in day out, no matter if its meaningful or not. No one has ever doubted Michael Bradley's commitment to the ball and game.

So lets see how the whole team reacts these next two games and back in qualifying. I hope we've found our spirit back.

mtgrizzlyfan said...

@Daisy chick

I read the article on ESPN and while I have no problem with him saying "all the f------ experts in America..."

I feel bad that he doesn't recognize that it is a good thing that people care period. Unfortunately most bloggers probably like to write about what they believe is wrong, but I still see many many fans that write about the undying support they have for the USA.
He might want to work on his PR skills a little bit and not lump all Americans in the same boat as those who openly criticize him and his father. Nonetheless, it's great to hear one member of the USMNT show a little fire and answer the critics on and off the field.

In fact I hope Michael will continue to read the blogs because he always plays like he has something to prove. I for one say that's exactly how they all should play all the time. Again they don't have to win every game. They just have to leave it all on the field and convince the US that for every minute of every game they are proud to have the privilege of wearing this nation's jersey.

The fact is it's a free country and you, me, him, we all have a right to say what we think. Enjoy it, and thank those who have fought and died to keep it that way.

Daisy Chick said...

well Joe - I am quite confident I don't think YOU should be coaching the team which means your opinion is a subpar and non-qualified opinion. :)

Seems to me you act more like one of the sheep. I seem to be "separated from the herd".

AP - I saw somewhere that they just wanted to give Howard a rest.

Daisy Chick said...

bryan - your comment about no one doubting MB's commitment on the ball and game is not quite accurate - where have you been over the last two years when everyone was bashing him about not being good enough and he is only playing because of nepotism? I'm just glad to finally hear most people shut up about it. And I got those quotes off an article on ESPN. I think it is titled Put up or Shut up.

Grizzly I agree we all have the right to an opinion - it's just that sometimes the faithful are less heard than the ones with a complaint. What I find ironic is that people think Bradley has been operating with no input from anyone else. Like he doesn't have a "staff" where a bunch of things are being discussed. And I find it ironic that fans think they "deserve answers". In the corporate world - the bee workers don't deserve answers - it is no different here. He answers to a President and a BOD - and that is all that he needs to answer to. They are the ones running the ship and know what the direction is.

Historicus said...

It was a very good performance, but it still wasn't the same as beating a recognized world power....Egypt?

Bradley is wearing out his players by not using his subs. Why not insert Adu or Torres up top to kill time with some possession rather than Casey, who was miserable. He has no desire to chase or work, and he continually gives the ball away. Don't get me wrong, Casey is a good player, but he wasn't the guy for that situation.

When Bocanegra is healthy again, Bradley should consider him for left back and leave Demerit and Gooch in the middle. That would solve the left back problem.

mtgrizzlyfan said...


You make a fair point. It does seem the naysayers are heard far more than the supporters, but since neither of us are MNT players we can only guess at that.

I'd like to think they do hear our support at times, and that sometimes it can further inspire them to take pride in their work.

I do however disagree with your point about not needing to discuss perceived issues, the fact is every corporation has a PR department, especially sports franchises. Like Bob says criticism is part of the job. When the proverbial stuff is hitting the fan, it is someone's job to come right out and acknowledge it. Again the game against Egypt was without a doubt a remarkable turnaround in form, play, effort, etc., but as many have pointed out a lack of consistency in the USMNT is apparent and someone should ask and answer some questions.

(All that said, there are obviously some sportswriters/bloggers who seem to feel entitled to unrealistic things. Maybe I'm even part of that group.)

Historicus said...

It was a very good performance, but it still wasn't the same as beating a recognized world power....Egypt?

Bradley is wearing out his players by not using his subs. Why not insert Adu or Torres up top to kill time with some possession rather than Casey, who was miserable. He has no desire to chase or work, and he continually gives the ball away. Don't get me wrong, Casey is a good player, but he wasn't the guy for that situation.

When Bocanegra is healthy again, Bradley should consider him for left back and leave Demerit and Gooch in the middle. That would solve the left back problem.

Alain said...

@Daisy Chick

One great game and he acted like he'd won it all. Do you think fans had forgotten the past six games where they played terrible? Bob has to go. US need someone who's more experience coaching in international competition.

theMayor said...

"I feel bad that he doesn't recognize that it is a good thing that people care period"

I couldn't agree more.

Daisy Chick said...

well not to be picky....but to be picky.......not all corporations have PR departments. In fact, most don't. I work for a "corporation" and there is no "PR Dept". And then you have the PR Dept thing where everyone does it a bit differently. For ex: the white house has a PR person who does the speaking and writing. The USMNT - has a PR guy and he does the writing and a lot of the PR work, but game stuff he lets the coaches talk - whereas most other corporations that have PR people - the PR people do all the talking and throw in a quote from the big guy.

Sorry - just felt the need to be a know it all in the moment. And jsut because you ask - doesn't mean you are going to get answers. In some corporations - you get fired for that. I have seen that happen and almost been a casualty of questioning the authority myself. Not that I think it is right - because ultimately people do just want to have a level of understanding - that much I get, but the reality is there is a whole lot of people that even if you give an honest response - they still just won't understand or will find a way to argue how you are still wrong.

Alain - you need some perspective on the BIG picture and how it all comes together. It would take me a few days to write it all out for you to understand - and I just don't have that kind of time.

MadMexican said...

On Behalf of Daisy Chick I apologize to all you TRUE MNT Fans. It is important for us to voice our opinions because in one way or another they do tend to fall on deaf ears sometime. As I have said before, if you are not coaching it you are accepting it"! Also, "If you don't demand it, it will not get done". As a coach myself, I love to live by these personal statements that ring true in any sport.
Coaches are a direct reflection of the product that is displayed on the field. Recently the display of the MNT has been pitiful at best, and it is people who do not know any better who accept pathetic results and displays as mentioned.
Had we been anywhere else in the world where ineptitude is unacceptable, BB would have been dismissed long ago. Unfortunately, we live in America where Futbol is a sport where not many people care for it. That is why BB is still at the helm.

No one ever questioned their love for our MNT. Hell, it is because we love them that we complain because it HURTS to see them get embarrassed the way that they do after a game. I feel we are capable of beating Brazil and Italy. You on the other hand have mentioned that we shouldn't expect favorable results when playing them. That brings me to the next point; do you really care about our team? Because if you did, you my dear would question the pathetic excuse of a coach we have to put up with. If he were worth what they are paying him, he would be wise to follow my personal statements maybe he would improve as a coach.

Chris said...


This "hater" is still right here with the same questions and concerns, unfazed by our first good win in 5/6 games against the weakest team in our group.

And by "hater" I mean loyal follower of the US MNT since I was old enough to know what soccer is.

We have the right, as fans, to question our coach - and let's be fair, most of us have had issue with BB, not the players nor the team. That kind of criticism is a very public, daily occurrence throughout the soccer world.

Amid a quasi-tumultuous time for US Soccer I take a small amount of satisfaction in the outcries because it shows me more people now than ever care about this sport and our team.

AdamTheRed said...

I think the absolute SLATING the US got after an AWFUL performance against Brasil proved that the US soccer fanbase is getting more intelligent and more passionate.

The sport is advancing!


Get ready to tune into ESPN for La Liga next season!!!!

Shmails said...

It was the kind of effort we have been pleading for, and still people want to look to the negative. You build confidence on the positives you take from a game.

The team fought, not just to look good, but for each other. They scored two run of play goals, when was the last time that happened? MB is fighting for his Dad, which makes him hungrier. Two young strikers looked good together, and given time, could have great synergy.

If people got up from their computers and went to more games, we wouldn't be playing away games at home, and would play with the confidence of a team who's country is behind them. Go team, play your hearts out on Wednesday, and know that the complaints are made with love behind them, and not hatred or disapproval! said...

it was a great game, but it's just one game. Let's see if we can keep this up. I think a more vocal, critical yet supportive fan base is good for soccer in U.S. Show's we are growing in our knowledge and expectations.

davidm said...

What I'd like to see on the US Soccer website, in addition to post-game reaction from US players and coaches, is quotes and comments from the opposing team's players and coaches. It would be very interesting to see their reaction and opinions of the US team. Unfortunately, we never get that.

davidm said...

To Daisy Chick: I didn't see any haters here. I saw only people passionate about the US team, people who truly care about the team. We had one great game (against the weakest team in the group). Prior to that, there were at least four really lousy performances. It will take more than one game against Egypt to make us forget those games.