Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Climbing Mountains - And Then Some

One of the interesting and not well known facts about South Africa is that many parts of the country are at higher elevations. So far, these are the altitudes of the USA's three venues:

Tshwane/Pretoria - 4,173 feet
Rustenburg - 3, 786 feet
Bloemfontein - 4,477

That's a grand total of 12,436 feet combined. A slightly note-worthy number, yes?

Consider this: That combined total is nearly 10 times less than the amount that Michael Bradley has run during the first three games of the tournament.

At 39,836 yards (119, 508 feet), he has covered the most territory of any player in the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup. But wait - there's more.

The guy with the second most mileage in the tournament is Clint Dempsey (114,354 yards), and third is Landon Donovan (37,470 yards - 112 410 feet).

That probably takes some heart, commitment and effort, eh?


mcadaal said...

Look, Donovan, Bradley and others have been all heart during this tournament. But you just can't say the same for Dempsey (Castrol ratings contradict this).

The only positive was that third goal (obviously crucial). I will say this.. if everyone keeps playing at their best and Dempsey steps up his game, we have a chance.

I am curious what's going on with Bocanegra.. Can he jump into LB? Demerit has been great so far.

Milkshake of Despair said...

"That probably takes some heart, commitment and effort, eh?"

True. But it also says they are doing more work than the ball. The ball should be doing all the work. Look at Spain's distance as a team - at the bottom, 30,000 less yards. Coincidence? I think not. Brazil is 2nd lowest.

In partial defense, going a man down in two games is going to inflate the numbers and does speak to heart, commitment and effort.

Daisy Chick said...


dallen said...

Effort, heart, grit and/or not keeping possession.

PrimateWrangler said...

I don't remember anyone claiming Dempsey wasn't covering ground. I remember being distraught with his on the ball decision making....and yes, being a man down for 90 minutes of two games is going to inflate the numbers.

I want to know the Castrol top speeds for our boys. They were only displayed for the top 5 players...Torres hit 18 mph or so (respectable).

PrimateWrangler said...

and two needless/reckless tackles...that helps too. I hope the boys aren't gassed.

PrimateWrangler said...

incidentally, does this sound like a backhanded complement to anyone else?

"USA monopolise the podium when it comes to South Africa 2009's hardest-working players, and Bob Bradley has particular reason to be proud of his son and star midfielder, who has covered an average of over 12 kilometres per match. Incidentally, the best-placed Spaniard in these standings, Xavi, lies a lowly 37th, underlining the European champions' ability to let the ball do the work."

drew_brown said...

Keep up the hard work boys! Hopefully this game you won't have to run quite as much.

Do us proud!!!