Monday, June 1, 2009

Arrival in San José

We've arrived safe and sound in Costa Rica after our 150 minute flight from Miami International. Tim Howard met us at the airport, while Eric Lihaj also made the trip with the team. The last minute dash to the plane by Jonathan Bornstein took our traveling total up to 21 players.

After touching down in Costa Rica we hopped on the 40 minute bus ride from the airport into San José.

The guys are getting settled in the hotel and we've got a few hours until our 4:00 departure for training at Estadio Saprissa. Since the game is on turf, FIFA regulations allow us to have two days to train in the stadium, meaning we'll take today and tomorrow to train on the same field we'll be playing on Wednesday night.

That's about it for now, make sure you check out today's episode of Studio 90 on


Nathan Eklund said...

Let's go boys!

Getting ready for the game and can't wait to see a US victory.

Hammer them!

Geoff S. said...

Hey guys,
Looks like boys travel pretty light. Does the team provide most of the things they need? whats in most of those bags? Thanks!

agressively passive said...

Can't be positive, but looks like Freddy has a $1000 suitcase, while the rest of the team's are normal. And he's sportin' sunglasses. Image is everything Freddy and it works both ways.

rc said...

Why does the US look like a high school team when they travel? I understand it's a long flight (I think), but even when they arrived in Germany it was in full Nike sweat garb. It was pretty amateurish compared to England showing up in full Armani tailored suits w/ the england badge embroidered in. Now that may be a bit over the top, but the impression you get when these guys come off the plane wearing huge Nike billboard T-shirts is that these guys are not professionals.

Doug said...

The flight from England to Germany is what, a few hours? CONCACAF travel is across much greater distances, especially for the guys crossing the ocean from Europe within the last few days. Traveling in Armani may be great for England's image; I'd prefer our guys to arrive with as little discomfort as possible, as that will translate directly onto the playing field.

John said...

What kind of a dress code the United States National Team has ???
Just give me a break, tee shirts, what the hell it's the mater with the head coach, no pride. And by the way, that's the way they play in such an important match, no pride,that's why they got their ass kicked. When I played for the USA in the 70's it was jacket and tie,so be like Barcelona FIRST CLASS you bums !!!