Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Press Row

It was a packed house in the U.S. press conference, with several U.S. journalists having made the trip from the States while there is heavy interest from the Costa Rican media. So far, the locals have been impressed with Bob Bradley's willingness to discuss the circumstances surrounding the game - you get the sense his counterpart is not quite so forthcoming.

As usual, Landon Donovan received the bulk of the questions [Stat of note - Landon's first ever World Cup qualiefier was here in San Jose in 2001 ] and he effortlessly spoke in English and Spanish.

Here's the full podcast.

Meantime, props the t.v. guy who laid in front of the head table the whole time and moved his microphone back and forth without getting in anyone's camera shots. Except ours, of course...


brucio said...

how did you guys keep ives from choking goff?

KYDJ said...

is the game on espn or espn2? the site says espn2, but espn.com and my cable says espnhd (not espn2hd). i have to tape it, so it's important to know before kickoff.

Eric said...

Andrea looks a little peeved at those two.