Thursday, June 11, 2009

And Then There Was Light...

The rain stopped, the clouds broke, and for the first time since arriving the U.S. team saw sunshine in South Africa.

It was a very busy day at Pilditch Stadium, with more than 30 local and international journalists on hand, and nearly 300 children from local charity organizations. We'll have full coverage of the day's events in tomorrow's edition of Studio 90.

Meantime, the players got backed to business and the energy level grew following the team's second full day in the country. The team played 10 v. 10 and worked on tactics, then broke up into a game to big goals before finishing with fitness.

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Shad said...

Read that the children were actually orphans and this was cooridinated by US Soccer and the US Embassy. I also read they loved Freddy and chanted USA most of the practice. What was the reaction of the players after the practice. I would think they would be inspired?