Wednesday, June 3, 2009

No Points in Costa Rica

The MNT has never won in Estadio Ricardo Saprissa, and tonight was no different. Falling to Costa Rica 3-1, the U.S. team now heads back to the States focused on Saturday's game against Honduras in Chicago.

Stay tuned to for a full game report, pictures, reaction and highlights, and we'll be back tomorrow for more news and updates here on the MNT Blog.


Sean said...

That team showed no heart. It really scares me thinking what if that same team shows up against Italy or Brazil in the confederations cup. We can not go backwards towards being a laughing stock. We made it the #14 in FIFA rankings lets have some damn pride in our country and ourselves. HOW MUCH SPACE ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE TO THE OTHER TEAM. I can't wait to see what Luca Toni or Ronaldinho does with all that space.

mikeisquixotic said...


Duane Verner said...

Horrible. Italy, Germany, Spain, England, etc... would never lose 3-1 to Costa Rica! The entire county only has a population a little over 4 million - the entire Chicago Metro area is twice that size!