Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Post-Game Reaction

Bob Bradley

"As a group tonight, we came up short in every way," said U.S. coach Bob Bradley. "I don't think there was any area at all where we were good enough to win a game against a good team. We were under pressure from the start. We fell short. We recognize that, and we have a quick turnaround for the next game."

Carlos Bocanegra

“We knew they were going to come out with energy…and that is exactly how we did not want to start the game, with them scoring so quickly like that.”

“They came out and played well. They had a good game plan and they moved the ball around well. We saw game tape of them and we knew what they were going to do, but give them credit because they played well tonight. Individually, all around the field, we didn’t win our battles.”

Tim Howard
“We didn’t compete hard enough. We got beat to balls and they caused us problems we couldn’t figure out. A lot went wrong for us.”

“We consider us probably the fastest, strongest team in the region but today we got out-passed, outplayed and out-competed in every sense. We have to hold our hands up – we were below average across the board.”

Oguchi Onyewu
It’s never easy coming off a loss, but as professionals we have to put it behind us. We have to work as a team, and move forward for the next game.”

“Honduras is a talented team. We have a quick turnaround time between the games, so we have to do what is necessary to be prepared and have a better result. Right now we have to learn from our mistakes and put that towards Saturday.”

Landon Donovan

“Anytime you give a team a goal advantage, particularly in the first 10 minutes, it’s going to be tough, especially for the visiting team. We made it harder by allowing them to score the second goal. That dictated the game.”

“If the game was 0-0 after 20 minutes, the game looks different. It was a good goal, but when you gift them a goal in the first couple minutes the whole complexion of the game changes.”

“We need to learn from tonight, but the most important thing is getting over it as quickly as possible, and taking what you can from it. We have three days physically and mentally for Honduras, who is a very good team that has been rested and preparing for this game.”

“I’m disappointed. It’s disappointing to play that way. We were never in control because of the way we started the game, and that makes it difficult.”


boysaswiftkicker said... utter distraught here. It looked like Bob's selection for the Copa America a few years back was playing out there.

I saw no team work, set plays, attacking ability, or solid defending one bit.

What I did see was plenty of crappy passing, plenty of lobs, and the most ball hogging ever in a professional Football game.

I was wishing Convey, and Frankie Hej was out there. Its obvious we need some big time help.

I think Feilhaber, Spector, and maybe even Ching or Cherundolo again, along with the much needed Eddie Johnson should be called up (Forget the over hyped Adu and Altidore).

So someone has to get it straight now and fix the backfield for sure. Other than Boncanegra and Onyewu.

I don't like these new names at all, its like Bob picked these names out of a MLS bag of names.

Krill said...

Beasley, I know you desire to be obedient and do whatever the coach asks of you, so would someone speak up for you and show Coach Bradley that you are much more comfortable and much more of a threat as an outside midfielder! Please, let us face it, you are not a defender. You can't created defenders, they are a breed of their either are one or you aren't.

I didn't get a chance to watch the Costa Rica game but I heard you were in that same back left position, same as the El Salvador game. That game I did watch, and you know as well as I do and everyone else that watched that game that you weren't utilized like you could be in the midfield and you didn't feel comfortable need the freedom to know you can buzz up and down the flanks, not timid to go forward.

Again, there are natural born defenders and there are natural born attacking are the latter. I miss watching you fly up and down the touchline, creating goal scoring opportunity after goal scoring opportunity. Please Coach Bradley, release Beasley to run like mad down the right or left flank...allow him the freedom to take guys on and create tons of dangerous opportunities each and every game. The team needs this to qualify, and you guys will qualify for South Africa 2010.

You'll rebound on Saturday, I know you guys will. I eagerly await to see the changes to the lineup and obviously the game itself in Chicago. Enjoy.


chad said...

pablo please let the answering machine take the call should team usa ever call you up again. the image of you falling all over yourself will haunt me for days.

beasley get on a team where you can play and don't bother with fullback again.

Christopher said...

Honestly, I am embarrased to be a US Soccer fan after seeing last nights game. It is a game of passion, and I saw a lot of that lacking on the field. I read a lot of excuses. The team knew the energy the Costa Rica team was going to come with and still failed to meet that challenge on the back line. I saw very little desire to win balls. I saw poor passing. You guys are professionals, the best players the US has to offer and you jog after a player once he dribbles around you (Bradley) right in front of the box and leave him wide open to score. Seriously, other times all Bradley did was just jog around midfield seemlingly without a single clue of positioning or strategy. What were you hoping, someone else would play for you. I undertand you as a team want to put it behind you, but, you really need not forget it so easily. 3 - 1. You guys are so much better than that and have so much more energy and passion. You just did not come to play last night. Defense leaving wide open holes on the back line a 10 year old could dribble through. No passion. I thought professionally, on the US team, representing our passion, you would know, that you must bring it every day, every time, every minute, every ball. Looks like the team just did not want to be out there and where just going through the motions. I think your performance reflects directly on Coach Bradley, poor all the way around. Perhaps they need to replace him with someone that will put some passion and desire in you guys to bring your "A" game every time you step out on that field and remind you, you are representing the greatest country in the world. Donovan, Howard, good job out there. Everyone else, take a look inside, seriously, Italy, Brazil soon to come, so much better than Costa Rica. Might as well forfeit now to save us the embarassment of 5-0. Play or go home! ! ! !

mtgrizzlyfan said...

I think the things to fix are well known to you guys on the USMNT. Clean it up. The two early goals were the result of poor touches. Followed by slack coverage from teammates.

Mr. Beasley I don't mind you as a left back if the rest of the team simply accepts that you are not a "real" defender and know they will have to work harder to cover for you at times. That being said, it might help if you are out their busting your behind to cover their mistakes.

Mr. Mastroeni I commend you for all the sweat and blood you have dripped over the years for the USMNT, but it does look like you've lost a step and for me that means your lack of influence in the transition game cannot be overlooked anymore. In the past you would have either let the ball by or the man get by, but not both. On both of the first two goals both got by you.

Mr. Howard, I figure goalkeepers have it the hardest. Meaning when your team completely lets you down defensively (which happened at least 3 times last night) it's the keeper's job to make the game saving stop. It's no small task, but I can't remember the last time you made something other than a routine save. I know you're definitely capable and I hope in time we'll see it again.

Mr. Onyewu, please let your teammates know that your job is primarily in the center of the pitch. That is where you would like to stay since defending on the wings you're a fish outta water. (Dempsey and Donovan more to come later... but please remember we can't have Gooch trying to cover out wide and get your tails back to help defend for the outside backs)

Mr. Torres, my interpretation is that you were substituted only to give you some rest for Saturday as you were by far the only one who could truly handle the Ticos pressure and that god-awful pitch. That's not to say your game was perfect (you had an easy layoff for Bradley to fire on goal and you shanked the pass and a couple other boo boos), but I have to believe Mr. Bradley just wanted to give you some rest, and give Mr. Klejstan a chance to step up and make a difference in a tough game.

Mr. Klejstan, chalk that up as a missed opportunity. A few key moments you should have been working you're tail off to defend and it looked like you were on a Sunday jog (see the 3rd CR goal).

more to follow...

mtgrizzlyfan said...

Part II

Mr. Dempsey wow, not what I expected. Definitely not the level of performance you have had game in and game out for Fulham. Granted you had no service and again the turf is a joke, but I just didn't see you last night. You're the one who said in the blog your defending has improved dramatically. The only defending I saw last night was in our own half. Please bring back that menacing presence in the attacking third of the pitch.

Mr. Donovan, in the press conference you said (rather smugly) something like "I wasn't at the 2005 3-0 loss at Saprissa", well you sure were at this one. As far as I could tell though anyone could have been there instead of you. That was not the "Face of American Soccer" that I had hoped to see on the pitch. No significant influence from our "best" player. Again leaving me wondering, does he have the heart to be the leader of this team?

Mr. Bocanegra, nothing too much to say at least you gave it your all and didn't make any grievous mistakes.

Mr. Altidore, you ran all over, held the ball well, and gave alot of effort. All in all a very journeyman performance from one so young. You probably should have expected no less coming off a hat trick. Stick with the hard work. One thing though, I will always remember how much joy Magic Johnson showed whenever he was playing, last night you looked like you wanted to beat the crap out of anyone and everyone. Maybe that's how you stay focused and giving 100%. You know yourself best, I'm just making an observation.

Michael Bradley, a few mistakes, a completely unfair yellow card, and a whole lot of effort. What can I say? I have faith.

All in all guys I'd just like you to remember you are 24 men representing a country of roughly 300 million people. I hope there is a level of commitment commensurate with that "PRIVILEDGE". Last night looked like a training match, from Dempsey trying to catch an errant cross, to Altidore taking a stab at the ball when the Ticos keeper had obvious possession. Saprissa is a wicked place, but the overall effort and attitude cannot be hidden by the environment you played in.

You all have the unique opportunity to inspire hundreds of millions of men, women and children who believe this country is defined by the work ethic of it's people.

When you are on the pitch we see you as our heroes. Heroes who's desire and heart should never falter. You are at a turning point in American footballing history. Make the most of it.

We believe in you all, we will support you all win or lose. Please do your best to make us proud. Thank you.

Ever loyal,
Mr. Jeremy Sauer

Sean said...


How is Altidore over hyped? He has four of US seven goals in this round of qualifier.
And all those MLS names I think only 2 out of the starting XI for the US were from the MLS

Ruin said...

Let me just say thank you to Michael Bradley. Talk about digging in. You played your heart out bro. Keep it up. We'll miss you on Saturday. The rest of the team just looked lazy. Let's be honest, we don't have enough talent to be loafing around out there. Our strength is going to come from sucking it up and hustling teams to death. Quick passes, quick runs, quick retreat on defense. We need to play harder, end of story.

PS Shout out to Torres who showed some classy footwork out there, I'm looking forward to seeing more from you on Saturday.

SpeedyR said...

I think that Beasley is afraid of the tackle. He is NOT the same 'go get 'em guy' as in 2006.

boysaswiftkicker said...


You are correct as I already well know. I simply was insulting the lesser known players.

Who are just as good as any american MLS players. Really nothing special to talk about.

As for Altidore maybe I over reacted a bit, or maybe he's a bit lucky. ;)

My comments were simply based on his lack of energy in the game, failed attempts to move the ball along to make space, and his constant nagging to force fouls, that were not fouls! lol

drew_brown said...

to all you players who tried to make Torres the scapegoat, you were too busy laying an egg to realize he was playing well.

man up. represent. or don't bother coming to camp.

Papabear said...

Completely embarrassing. That was the most unprepared team I have seen in a long time. Every player should be ashamed of themselves for having the nerve to wear the national team jersey last night.

Bradley needs to seriously look at everything he's doing. I didn't even expect to win last night, but better performances than that have gotten a coach fired.

Landon Donovan is not going to be the one to take US Soccer to the next level. He's talented and likely has a place on the roster, but he has no desire to force the action himself...and his service on set pieces has been terrible. I can't think of another player at that level who consistently just throws away an opportunity on set pieces as Donovan. He seems to only play well against very weak opposition, and Mexico. Any other big game he looks tentative. That was understandable years ago, but he's supposed to be a leader on this team.

Beasley was terrible. He's not a defender, and his play was disappointing at his natural outside midfield position. I know he's an amazing athlete, but it's time to quit trying to force him into a position just to get that athleticism on the field. His first touch is atrocious, although he didn't play any worse last night than Wynne.

Torres was the only player I thought who played anywhere close to a decent game. Altidore at least worked hard. Everyone else can be sent home for all I care.

There's no reason any CONCACAF team should ever dominate us this way. Actually there's no reason any team should ever dominate us because we failed to show up ready to compete. I've got a ton of respect for Costa Rica. They scared me more than any other team coming into this round of qualifying. That being said, it is inexcusable to watch a team play with so little passion in a match of this stature. I know the game was over when the third goal was scored, but there were at least four guys who simply stood there and watched. It made me sick.

Loyal Fan said...

Pablo should never be on the national team ever again that performance was shocking. Why is Beasley playing left back what in the world was BOB thinking the players should also be ashamed of them self's the only players that played good were. Torres Jozy and Davis they were the only ones to show any heart out there, everybody else was horrible. If we lose to Honduras Bob Bradley should get fired.

IronBoot said...

This game was absolutly humiliating and infuriating! Sometimes I do not recognize my own team. Torres was the only one doing effective work and he was removed. Beasley is awful as a defender and his ball handling skills and deliveries were very sub par. Get the right team on the field and heads in the game ready to play!

davidm said...

I wonder, with the game being played in Chicago any chance of McBride being called up? Maybe he could come out of his national team retirement for one game at home -- we could certainly use him now.

Post said...

It is very easy to put the blame entirely on the players from last nights game. Certainly they did not show up. There was no heart, hustle, or intensity from most of the team. But i believe the bulk of the blame must go on Bob Bradley. His formation was just stupid, his substitutes were awful, he changed nothing other than personnel at halftime, and lets not mention where he had guys Beasly at LB??? Let me start off by saying i have never been a fan of Bob Bradley. The committee who chooses the US MNT coach should all be relieved of their duties. Until we get someone in there that is not of American decent, than we will have to expect the same type of play and same type of results from out team.
Why is Bob Bradley's son starting center mid? Obvious answer! He does nothing in the midfield and does nothing with the ball. This is a classic case of father is coach, son is treated like star on the team. Bob Bradley is like every other classic american coach. He lacks the type of knowledge and experience of the game that makes coaches like Sven-Goran Eriksson, Fabio Capello, and Sir Alex Ferguson. I don't mean to bash American soccer, and i love the MLS, but we are decades behind the rest of the world. Any of the other coaches stated would have known that the US cannot play a 4-3-3. We do not have the midfielders for it. This lets us know how highly Bob thinks of his son.
There were some bright spots in this dismal loss. i though Torres played well. He is the future of the US MNT. Charlie Davies i thought brought a bit of a spark to an otherwise lack lust forward postion. Feddie Adu showed he can attack and create chances. Kjestan showed he is not the caliber of player the US MNT needs and Marvel Winn showed why he plays in the MLS.
Bradley needed to stay with the 4-4-2. The back line should have been Bocanegra, Onyewu, CB's, Demerit and Bornstein left and rigt backs. Midfield should have been Beasley on left, Donovan on right, Clark the holding midfielder and Torres attacking mid. Forwards Altidore and Dempsey. Of course Howard in goal. This would have given the US the best chance to win. We haven't scored a goal in Costa Rica since 2000 so why play some crazy formation that is beyond our players ability? We are strongest in the 4-4-2. The 442 works better to control the midfield when you do not have a dominate center midfielder. This is what most of the players play at their respective clubs.
Bradley has done and is doing a horrible job as US MNT coach. When are we going to wake up and get an international coach who can coach the way many of our international club players are used to being coached. It is sad when some the clubs our players play for could have beaten Costa Rica last night.
Poor coaching Bradley poor coaching!

thatguyjr said...

So we don't take a hint from the NFL and Tyrone Wheatley and we go ahead and start a guy with amazing speed and the confidence, skill level and marking ability of a high school player? Wynn was a loss last night. In fact, in the first half, we should have played a 2-5-3 and moved Beasley into the midfield where he belongs because he lost his mark more than I lose my 3 year old at the grocery store.

I also can't believe that he started Altidore. What a complete lack of knowledge of skill strengths vs. pitch type. Altidore is a Roy Lassiter type player with marginally more skill and a much larger upside, but you don't throw a track star on a fast turf. They will never catch up to the long balls that they normally would on a slower grass surface.

What another truely uninspired performance from the always cocky, but rarely game-changing #8. His poor attitude outplayed his field performance.

Finally a bright spot! Jose Francisco Torres! Yes, I will tire my fingers spelling out this guy's name after an inspiring performance on a team of uninspiring players (with the exception of Tim Howard of course). But... He was yanked after only 45 minutes of calming down a group of sketchy veterans who played like they were the guys with only 5 caps. Why? He looked like a Zidane on a team full of college players. Ok, well not quite that good, but you get my point.

Top off that ice cream sunday of great coaching, wonderful player performances, and fantastic field quality, and top that off with a great big delicious and oblivious referee. Was he really wearing a red jersey in the first half? Anybody else notice that there were 12 guys wearing red jerseys on the field in the first half? All but one yellow card was nonsense and just the referee's attempt to control the game. Like any fan, I could point out over 100 mistakes the officiating crew made, but I will close with this one. Altidore was in the box as the ball was being cleared, and was thrown down by a Costa Rican defender. It was ignored or missed entirely by the referee.

Coach Bradley, if the Yanks continue with poor performances like the Hondourus game and this one last night, you might be a statistic like so many other unemployed Americans.


jakob said...

Everyone played HORRIBLE! the only person in the field that did a decent job was Jose Fransisco Torres, but was subbed out at half time....why? why sub out your best player? he was the only person that looked comfortable with the ball when there was pressure from costa rica. i question bob and his coaching staff.

marsgia said...

Beasley is not defenders and there are natural born attacking are the latter. I miss Beasley, fly up and down field seetig up goals scoring opportunities for Donovan.. MR./COach Bradeley you must let go of the prodigal son to his original flank and cut him loose. Cut him out this weekend!!!! Please Coach Bradley...... FULLBACK IS NOT FOR BEASLEY!!!!!!

nate said...

Both Bob Bradley and his son must leave the organization. All of the blame is on Bob Bradley for this loss, Costa Rica is a good team hoever losing by 3 should have never happpened.

It irritates me knowing that their is such amazing soccer talent her in the U.S and seeing players like Michael Bradley who clearly don't deserve to be on the team play in ever single game.

Below is a list of players who don't deserve to play on the USMNT:

Michelle Bradley
Brian Ching

Post said...

NATE! why would you say Torres doesn't belong on this team? He was the only one playing hard and the only "creative" attacking midfielder we have besides Adu. You clearly do not have a clue what a good midfielder is. Ching is a good forward and deserves a spot. Bradley does not and neither does Pablo. Try watching the game again and just watch Pablo and Bradley.