Saturday, June 6, 2009

In Sight of a Sellout

With more than 53,000 tickets sold as of yesterday, tonight's match is already guaranteed a place in U.S. Men's National Team attendance history. It is already just shy of the second-best attended game in Chicago history, when 53,549 turned up for the U.S. Cup match against Germany on June, 13, 1993. The record attendance at Soldier Field came at the 2007 Gold Cup final, where 60,000 fans witnessed the U.S. defeat Mexico 2-1 on June 24, 2007, booking their ticket to the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup.

The match could also set a record for a home World Cup qualifier. That status currently belongs to Foxboro Stadium, which hosted 57,407 for the 2-2 draw against Mexico on April 20, 1997.


AdamTheRed said...

If we lose Bob and Sunil get sacked.

davidm said...

What's so good about a sellout if the majority of the fans will be Hondurans? USSF should be scheduling games only at locations where the US team will have real support from the stands!

Btw, if anyone with a yellow card receives one tonight, will they have to skip the first Confiderations Cup game or the Mexico qualifier?

Roland said...

I wonder what % of those are Hondurans.

Could this be a repeat of 2001's USA vs Honduras match at RFK? 70% of those were Honduras supporters and we ended up losing 2-3.

nate said...

I'll be there and I will be rooting for Honduras, I say 70% of fans will be Hondurans tonight.